Monday, September 22, 2008

My Halloween Costume

I woke up to this lovely dealie this morning
Can't begin to explain how creepy that makes me feel. And sooooo pretty!


EZG said...

That happened to me once when I was in college. I won't describe the horrible situation that lead up to it, but long story short it was some burst capillaries in the eye.

It went away after a week or two. I'm sure you should be fine, but maybe have a doc look at it if it hurts or gets worse. Artists can't be too careful about their eyes!

. said...

a week or two is too long to go without visiting a doctor... a day or two perhaps. if you got the insurances rock that shit.

*shudders recalling the year of the detached retina

i started a daily webcomic last week. enjoy it with your fully functional inflammable fleshy fluid flask focussers.

Jim said...

How can you NOT paint a self portrait after this? Now everybody's going to want one.

Jill Thompson said...

I went to the doc. I kinda knew it was just capillaries bursting and the blood has no where to go. But Yeesh! That kinda thing freaks a body out. And, it is a bit uncomfortable.

Raike said...
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