Monday, September 22, 2008

Spooky Signing

I'm down in Kansas City this weekend to go to the most awesome Haunted Houses (like the Beast) and, I'll be doing a signing on Saturday from 1-3 at Elite Comics 11842 Quivira Rd in Overland Park, KS - the north west corner of 119th and Quivira.
So please stop by and get things signed. I'll be doing sketches and I've already had requests for a couple of commissions. Like this. I could probably squeeze a couple more in before Saturday. So, contact me if you'd like to get on the list! That's by Wednesday,tomorrow... please. Otherwise, it's whatever I can do while I'm at the shop. I'll bring a few of the San Diego prints just in case anyone wants to buy one of those as well.
I first went to those Haunted houses the year my niece Emma was brother and his family had lived in Lawrence, Kansas and he took me there because he knew they were so awesome. I love the design and the open format of them. It's scary and fun and something I look forward to in the Fall...going to a haunted house, or 'attraction' I mean. I've never been to a real Haunted House. Nothing supernatural has ever happened to me that I can think of. I've stayed at the Horton Grand in San Diego, which, supposedly has a haunted room. I've even stayed in the room right under the haunted room where people have heard strange things. But not me.
I've been watching this spooky show, A Haunting, while I work which makes me want to re-think my desire to stay in a famous Haunted Hotel. That's on my 'list' of things I want to do. Does everyone have one of those? I keep adding to it, but I've marked off quite a few things since I started it. Which was when I was but a teen!
Anyway, the days are just the right temperature and the colors are rich with golds and purples. So I'm really ready to spend every day doing something really fall-ie-y. I love walking in the woods, or going to pumpkin patches or having a bonfire and soaking up the Autumnal atmosphere. That's one of the reasons I wanted to tie the knot on Halloween! My favorite stuff happens this time of year!
My friends and I have tried to get down there nearly every year since for a Spooky Weekend. But we always thought about it at the very last minute when it became impossible to schedule, but this year we pulled it together and I'm excited to be able to go! If you've never been and you like htat kind of thing. You should plan a trip.


EZG said...

What sort of events are you prone to go to? I'd like to meet you at a signing at some point, even though I know I'd just get tonguetied and say something inane. Like when I met Neil Gaiman and then dropped my sketchbook and half my books in the floor.

Doctor Fantastic said...

Hi Jill! I won't be able to be in KC on Saturday, but my brother will, and he was going to ask you to sketch something for me. Would you email me at and let me know your commission rates?

BrandonJ said...

Can you let me know about how much a print or sketch will cost? I live near Kansas City and would love to stop by. My email address is posted on my blog.