Tuesday, September 23, 2008

hard to find?

Well, I finally found a copy of Magic Trixie in a bookstore.

Was it on the 'Halloween table display?' Was it in the 'Children's Humor' or 'Children's non-fiction" as it was labled in the computer? Were there sections in the Children's Books area that even corresponded to those headings? Why no! When I finally coralled an employee he took me over to the graphic novel corner, by the emergency exit. And lo and behold there she was! Nestled in amongst the Marvel Graphic novels. Do ya think a mom with a toddler might accidentally make her way over there and then find it..? Me neither! It made me all grumpy and want to do a shot of bourbon. And it was all drizzly and feh outside that day. Which gave me frizzy hair. I was in a mood. Then I looked up and saw that I was in fine company...This should also be out on a seasonal display table! Or, how about a graphic novel table? Everything else gets a new release table...or a featured books table. That would be a good way to show a selection of the material available in this medium!


Tracy (Comic Mom) said...

I often help the sales staff at my local chain bookstore by quietly moving a few copies of items like Magic Trixie and Owly into the children's graphic novel section. I think I'll head down there today and see if I can't get a Trixie onto the Halloween table.

Jill Thompson said...

Smooch and hugs to you ,tracy comic mom!

Blam said...

I must confess that I looked for Magic Trixie in the Graphic Novel section at Borders first -- but only because it was on the first floor and the Children's section was on the second.

Of course, it was more than worth the trip up the stairs, and I'm glad it was shelved there.

I visit the Children's section often for my nieces and cousins, but I was astounded at all the comics stuff stocked there, much more than whenever I last looked for comics in that department. Magic Trixie was among the Scholastic editions of Bone, Magic Pickle (which can't beat the Super Pickle pop-up book from my childhood), Archie items, manga-style Nancy Drew books, on and on.