Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Buy this calendar, from ladies I do not know! I fit into way too many of these categories! Grammar especially! And if a real computer geek can tell me how to actually make the link icon work in this Blogger, I would smooch on you.


Benjamin Hall said...

I'll help! Most likely, I'm guessing, you are not typing something in the blog box first. Blogger wants to turn something into code and will not work if you don't highlight some text BEFORE hitting the link button.

I created a tutorial for you:

P.S. I LOVE your work!

Jill Thompson said...

You're right. I am just pasting the url in to the box! So I just highlight the text and then click on the 'link' icon? Sweet.

EZG said...

Wow, hawt!

I would get this, but I don't know if my girlfriend would be flattered by this or get jealous since she just like half of these chicks, too.

You might look into Scribefire for publishing to blogger. It's got a pretty straightforward editor.

Jim said...

A grammar geek, huh?
Bush must give you hissy fits for his answers and comments to reporters alone.

steve said...

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Anonymous said...

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