Wednesday, July 2, 2008

San Diego Update/Like yourself much?

Cliff, Brian and I have a booth update for San Diego. It seems we patted the Buddah enough...hey, that sounds filthy when you think about it...Anyway, we got bumped over to a corner booth. More space, more expensive and more-in a different place!
Our new address is 1322.
Where is that? I'm not exactly sure. Even looking at the map of the Exhibitor's area. But, I think it's 'toward the Marriot' vs. 'toward the Gaslamp District'. But is it near the entrance, or near the food court? I dunno. In any case look for my fancy Mucha style sign.I decided to focus on the creator rather than the characters. I will do my best to wear butterflies and bats and flowers and junk in my hair. All I need is the bats. I made butterflies earlier this summer. They grace my 'flower bike'. I wish my hair was bigger like Mucha hair!


Cliff said...

Jill, the booth number is actually #1322, right next to 1320. But I'm sure people will see your awesome banner first!

Gene said...

hey Jill! Gene from Florida here (from the FX show). Can't wait to see you in San Diego, looking forward to seeing your prints and whatnot!