Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I covet

So I've been coveting lately...and I know ya ain't supposed to covet. But, I do. F'r instance, I've been doing my volunteer work at the Museum of Science and Industry's exhibit- SMART HOME: Green and Wired ( I linked it over to the left) and the place is full of good things I need in my home. Like a dining room table that's a big slice harvested from a storm fallen tree. Or the countertop compost tumbler...you can keep adding and adding and it drops the finished business into the flowerbox so you can add it to your garden.My compost bins are full and the worms can only eat so much.
What else? well, the photovoltaic panels on the roof that are sensitive to other uv spectrum rays so that it can absorb energy here in the midwest and on overcast or lower sunlight days. And they are all thin film. Very cool. Those should be on everyone's roof. But, our government will not throw their all into solar farming because they cannot figure out a way to charge us for it. You can pump corn and sugar fuel by the gallon, so that's what they'll focus on. But i'm throwing my hat in the solar ring. Copy this into your browser. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYJe12X6T50Now where do I get that stuff?
I'm also dreaming of vehicles. I want to tool around town on a scooter. I'd need a helmet to match my hair!

The yellow vespa costs a fortune. But it is so lemony good. I'm particularly fond of the GENUINE Italia style at Scooterworks. She's green and brown and I look very comfortable sitting on one. I suppose it's the closest to being on a Magic Trixie Broomstick. You go really fast and don't have to pedal and you feel the wind zzhizhj by you and your feet kind of float off the ground. It must feel really cool. But, that doesn't mean I don't like to pedal. I love my bike.
Of course, it's Chicago, and it will get yucky with the weather. So maybe I need one of these.Big enough for me and Brian. Or me and my purse. Scooter gets better gas mileage. BUT, scooters don't work in the cold. If only it was electric. And, I almost forgot. This is what I started coveting in the first place! I have my regular bike (which is well decorated for summer) but I want a foldy one that I can travel with. I'd love to hop on a train with my bag and my bike and take it wherever! then i could get off the train, visit a new place, do some paintings, take some photos...
If anyone out there has a line on one of these babies or bought one that they don't like? I'll be happy to barter paintings for it.


Anonymous said...

The lemon Vespa wins out, esp with the color. But I'm more apt for something with a sidecar.

Jill Thompson said...

I've seen one with the sidecar. At Scooterworks on Damen Ave in Chicago. And a sweet Frango mint green one outside The Fireside Restaurant. The sidecar has a compartment to keep the passenger dry. But the driver. he gets bugs in his teeth.

Literatus said...

Hi, Jill ... After your link to the youtube solar video, you asked, "Now where do I get this stuff?" I noticed on the comments below the video someone else had asked and been pointed (by a responding commenter) to the 'More Info' drop-down on the same webpage where the video is, which provides links to the following:




PS - I had the pleasure of meeting you (and watching you and Charles Vess draw the 'Sandman/Snowman' original art page that was auctioned for CBLDF) in 2004 at the Fiddler's Green con in Minneapolis. Hope you get some of the things you are 'coveting'. :)Best wishes!

Jill Thompson said...

I have everything I need, really. I have a great husband, a cool job, a house to fix up and decorate, an old kit kat who looks younger than his years...but thye just keep making cool stuff. And this stuff is so much more practical!