Thursday, July 3, 2008


My friend Rebecca lives in Southern France with her husband Nic. She sent me these amazing photos of a field near their house.
I want to run through there in a flimsy white sundress with a chain of daisies like a 1970's Breck shampoo commercial!


Left Luggage said...


I'm following up on the non-payment for the recent Speed Racer reprints for internet column Lying In The Gutters.

Can I ask, have you been able to contact Speed Racer Enterprises over this? And do you have a copy of the original contract?

Anonymous said...

Continuing the OT things, take a look at for a notion of what the Japanese were doing with for-local-consumption cars. Some of these beasties could easily be updated. I always liked the 3-wheel Diahatsu trucks, myself.

As for southern France, once hiked a trail between Marsailles and Monoco. Lots of fun! Like the sunflowers, but have no desire to run through them in a sundress (I'm happy to say...)

Anonymous said...

Jill, are your books available in Japan? Please email me.