Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bat Flash

So, these are the bats. They are nice flash. I test drove a mug with their image on cafepress. It looks very nice to me. I think I'll be setting up a store there with some other bat products...All I need nw is a die cutting company contact, a ceramics mold maker and ceramics maker and I'd be set....The book of products grows...but where do I get prototypes made? that is the question.


Jim said...

Good bats. Spooky, fun, and a fine variety of shapes and sizes. You know, once you get these made Pandora's box is open for skeletons, pumpkins, spiders and what all else that is Jill associative. Good bats.

JennyB said...

The bats are wunnderful!
If you get that mug on the market, I'll buy one. Or several.

Jill Thompson said...

I'm going to do the Cafe Press with that mug, I think. The one I made for me looks pretty good. I'll get on that stuff after San Diego Con.

Miko said...

i LOVE the bats, Jill. Super creative as usual. I especially love the variety in the eyes!

By the way, I emailed you today. I was wondering if you recieved it as it's been a couple months since we last wrote each other. I was scared your email may have changed?

I emailed you via

=) See you at comic con!

Anonymous said...

Bats look nice; in the meantime, I see a Magic Trixie book in my inbox. Something to read! (wa-hoo)