Tuesday, July 29, 2008

comicon 2008-the aftermath

A few quick pix from the San Diego Comicon. First off, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all the fans who stopped by to get Magic Trixie #1! (I sold out!) And to those who wanted autographs and to those who purchased commissioned sketches and paintings. It was quite a success and hopefully we will be able to snag booth 1322 again. It was a great address! It was close to booksellers, other artists and the restroom! We're hoping to expand next year and have more cool things to look at and buy.( I'm thinking sketchbook and Scratches the cat stuff! I have to get crafting,right? Of course, I will keep you posted. (It sure will be nice to have time to plan!) And, we even had fresh air all the time. (When you walked into the 'media' area, it smelled all like egg salad at the end of a picnic....ew.)
My first great day at the show, I had a visit from Shelby and Sarah who review comics and stuff at allagesreads on Newsarama. They got sketches in their books and they made me a present. Aren't they awesome?
As I was at booth 1322 nearly all day long, so,my only photos are of the parties and stuff. And, because I was behind the camera, I'm really not in many of them! If you were there and have any good pix of me, send them to jillazz@gmailcom and I'll post them. (Because I love me so much!)Brian Azzarello and Jason Aaron
Cliff Chiang
me, Marc Andreyko and Jan Jones
Shelly Bond was desperate to do karaoke this night
standard attrition secret stair partyBrian and Samuel L. Jackson at the Warner Bros. Party...

Eisner award winner Gabriel Ba
Franz studies the crowd
everyone loved Heidi
Nicola, Cecil and Chris
Sierra and WillTrish MulvhillShelly Bond hosted a dinner for her Fables crew. Bill Willingham, Mark Buckinham, Steve Leiloha, James Jean, Matt Sturges and Todd Klein were delighted that she had put together such a lovely event with a special Fables inspired menu!

Sunday dinner with Jack Mahan of DC Comics. Brian sits with Brett and Ronnie.

And no, I did not polish off this Moet by myself. It somehow ended up at my end of the table. I do, have a fondness for a flute full of little stars...


piwackit said...


Now we know why you & Brian look so tired in the mornings! :)

It was great seeing the both of you & Magic Trixie book 1 was great!
(I do miss Scary & crew)

A & M

Jill Thompson said...

Convention days are long days! That's for sure!

Tony Akins said...

Wow, I'm sad that I didn't go, sorta. Thanks for posting the photographs Jill! Made me yearn for the company at the Fables Dinner.

Miss Judicious said...

Hello Jill,

I missed comicon 2008, but was wondering if I could get a commission ink sketch by mail? (I'm in California). I'm getting married at the end of this month, and have been poking around and looking for something I could get Chris (the fiancee) as a groom's gift. I'd love to get him one of your commission pieces, if your arm is still working after San Diego.

Chris and I were at Fiddler's Green (the Sandman con) a few years ago when we first started dating, and I thought getting something by you as a wedding gift would be neat; it'd tie one of our first weekends together to our wedding day. But if you're busy with other projects, no worries! I totally understand, and this is absurdly short notice (it usually takes me at least two weeks to mail something, let alone create it!).

My email is jocelyn D S at gmail dot com, if you've got the time and the spirit moves you.

Thanks for considering it!


Trish said...

Oh dear God.

Eric Orchard said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Wonderful, I'm a huge fan of work, it helped get me through college! And your new work is amazing. I'm linking you up to my blog and I'd love your thoughts on my comic-Robot Museum, which is on my blog, somewhere...
Your fan, Eric.

HeidiLopez said...

ahhh man ComicCon08' made my year...thanks to all he kool kids ...meaning uuuuu and urrr boiii.u guys are super fun!

Ernie Estrella said...

Such a cool Blog, Jill. SDCC08 was a blast. That's me next to Trish!