Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Porkchop

My friend Wendy calls Archie, our cat, Porkchop. "Hiya Porkchop!" she says when she stops by. I have my own pet names for him, but it really suits him because of his meaty drumsticks. Being a bob tail, they are a bit more substantial than most cats. He's a good old gentleman.He's been struggling with a series of really horrid 'colds' lately. Three since Lukey died. The vet has had him on three courses of antibiotics but a little over a week passes once he is well and he gets the same thing again. I'm really stressed out. He gets good vitamins and stuff. I'm all for holistic treatments and boosting the immune system and I know antibiotics aren't a good idea for an extended period of time. But it's really difficult when his nose is blocked and he can't really breathe or smell. Anyone out there in webland have any similar stories? The vets tests have all come back 'negative' for any of the feline illnesses. I've used naturm muraticum 6c and goldensea. But even that has brought us no real improvement. Dedicated cat parents...have you any advice?


Mia Wolff said...

sometimes cats get allergies--could it be that?

Jill Thompson said...

well, I took him to the emergency vet early this a.m. He does have a Respiratory Infection. But we have to figure out why. He got a chest xray. There might be something in his lung.They can't be positive. He needs an ultrasound and maybe a nasal scope to get cultures. I don't want to put him thru that stuff, but every vet I've consulted...even a holistic vet...says we have to have a proper diagnosis to make sure we are treating him the right way. He's on antibiotics. Plus, I steamed him really well in the bathroom while I was taking a shower. they recommended a few of those a day. The steaming sessions, I mean. It's supposed to help break up his congestion and help with his blocked nose.
Thanks for your input Mia.

Miko said...

Hi Jill! My cat has never had that problem, but I have a friend whose cat did. She used this:

Now, personally I don't know much about it, but it is apparently all natural and the FAQ at the bottom has all the ingredients in it and it seems to be pretty legit! It looks promising, but I would just do some further research on it.
Good luck with the porkchop! =)

Anonymous said...

I hope he's on the mend. You mention having had tests and that they were negative. Has he been tested for worms or even (eek) feline hiv.

Home remedies that have worked on my fur kids: Garlic. Excellent for their immune system and an anti parasitic Try and get as much of that down them as possible. Put it in their food and their water.

Cod liver oil, an all round tonic. They don't need much convincing to eat that.

I know this sounds strange, but try sauerkraut. It has to be the real stuff, the ingredients must say cabbage and salt, nothing else. Chop it up in his food, try to get him to have a small amount every other day. Its full of probiotic stuff that can help mend a damaged immune system and its full of vitamins that will help give him energy.

I hope that helps. Even better, I hope he's already better.