Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I volunteered last Friday Night with Kristina at Fleurotica, the 100th Birthday Party Event for the Garfield Park Conservatory. It was a fashion show where all of the models wore clothing created out of flowers and plant material. It was pretty interesting to see the behind the scenes of a fashion show with models being made up, poked, prodded, designed upon, draped and decorated. I'm sure it's not much different at a show where the clothing is made out of...well, clothes. Haute Couture doesn't really look like the most comfortable of things to wear.
We were photographed a bunch of times, due to my Swamp Think shawl and Kris' forsythia boa. I crocheted a fuzzy green netlike scarf thingie and draped a fern garland from JoAnn fabrics in it. I'll have to get a better photo of it here at home, but go here to see us and others snapped by this Image website for nightlifey people.
www.imageworldwide.com ( I tried to make a link...I swear. But no luck.) Here are the photos I grabbed. I think credit goes to Dave Sheppard as the photog.

Didn't get many other shots. All of the good seats near the Runway were taken by ticket holders who shelled out the big bucks. We volunteers did get to see the show fro the general seating area. We chatted with some of the millinery models. This was one of my fave hats.
A close up of my scarf turned out to be a closeup of my necklace...

The Conservatory is beautiful in the evening. I wish I could have a sleep over in there and sleep with the crickets. They were really chirping.


Chichi said...

*Skinny Bunny looks around, this way and that...**sniff, sniff

Yum Crickets!

Erik Rinard said...

Hi Ms. Thompson. My name is Erik Rinard and I'm am an art student at Lawrence University. For my painting class this term my classmates and I are doing reports on contemporary artists, and I was hoping I could talk to you about your work. Forgive me if this request is a bit forward but I really like your painterly approach to comics and I would love to talk to you about your work and how you approach it. If you wouldn't mind talking to me, my email is erik522@hotmail.com, or you can reply on my blog if you would prefer. If you don't want to talk to me I understand, but if you would still send me a response I would appreciate it all the same. Our reports require that we speak to the artist we present, so if you don't want to participate I need to continue looking. Thank you in advance, I hope your April is good.
Erik Rinard

ShojinStudios said...

JILL!!!! how's it going? good to see you bloggin' looks like you're having a blast this year, Hope to see you sometime this summer and TY TY for that link to The Visual Dictionary GREAT site, CU soon!

Miko said...

Jill, you look great!! What an awesome concept, I bet the show got the creativity pumping. You being an artist and all.

Anonymous said...

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Miko said...

Hey Jill, I was wondering if you went to Chris Ware's opening reception show at the Carl Hammer. There were so many comic artists, I was hoping against hope I might see you again! Regardless, I'm sure you'll check it out before it goes down, if you can pry yourself away from your work long enough! Can't wait to get my 3 copies of Trixie :)