Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Very Goodly

I'm always inspired by the HULASEVENTY blog and I'm officially signing on for Andrea's color week challenge. She's so ding dangety good at projects and photographing..her world seems especially vibrant and filled with groovy fun found objects or murals and everything cool. It seems like a nice extra thing to add to my daily life.
So, the premise is- each day (mon-fri) is assigned a color and the objective you set out for yourself is to actively photograph that color. Preferably in interesting ways.
It's a great reason to observe the world around you more closely and celebrate the little things you come across each day. And a good reason to move about a bit. We all could use that.
But, the question is, should I jump in with both feet mid week? Or wait til Monday? eh- maybe both. I'm more of an 'and' type than an 'or'...


Miko said...

What a cool idea! I am not a photographer for photography's sake. Just one for reference for drawings. Regardless, I would like to try something like that.

PS... I wanted to tell you because I thought you'd appreciate it. I was offered a summer job with TokyoPop! It's like a dream come true, I hope will allow me to be more avant garde than Cricket did. =)

So I will be in L.A. this summer, but I hope we can save the date for coffee (someday) in the fall. =)
I do afterall, have one more year of art school left. I suppose I can do like Chris Ware and drop out of SAIC and become impossibly famous.

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