Thursday, March 20, 2008

granada part one

We did get to Granada without a hitch in our plans. And was it a wonderfulconvention- famous guests, great fans, fantastic art vibe, hot cosplay, a beautiful venue and all of it sponsored by the city... some selected scenes ( the in focus ones..I am ditching my broken camera this weekend. drat that thang)
Brian and Kiki Dennis happily figuring out where we were and where we want to go.We were treated to an amazing feast of Octopus and wine. All of the convention coordinators and guests and volunteers attended. At first we were suspicious of the gymnasium like setting--harkening back to grade school potluck PTA meetings and all the rewarmed casserole offerings. But on the plywood and sawhorse tables we feasted like kings on cheeses, olives, jamon and sausage...boiled octopus with potatoes and olive oil and crusty bread. Add bottles of local white wine and cans and cans of Alhambra beer then top it all off with whatever that local homemade liquer is called and sweet almond cake dusted in powdered sugar and voila-"Night of the Kraken!"

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