Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zing Diddly Crumpets

See Magic trixie's mom? See her expression? tha's how I feel right now as I prepare to take an overseas flight and we just got hit (an perhaps it still is snowing) with 7 inches of snow! O' Hare is the king of cancelling flights. I do not relish the thought of getting to the airport super early to go thru security and then spending the hours on pins and needles to find out if you are actually going to be flying or not. International flight have lots of lead time for the security...Good Mojo Good Mojo...
And there's 300 cancelled flights worth of people there already...


Anonymous said...

Are you still on the runway? They cancelled that snowstorm anyway :-) Only three inches up in Lake County.

Miko said...

I have yet to book a flight at O'Hare that wasn't delayed!

In the second panel, Trixie's mother has a beautifully foreboding-cute expression that reminds me of Dream from the Death manga. =) Also, Trixie's cat's expression is adorable in the first panel. Love that cat.

If only one could hop on a broomstick to get to Europe!

Mella said...

I guess Bryan has right!
Marco M.

gbhecht said...

Dear Ms. Thompson --

Please accept my apologies for impolitely barging in on one of your blog threads.

To be brief: I've recently purchased a piece of Scary Godmother artwork that is unsigned but was attributed to you. It is roughly 8 1/2" x 11", thin wood ~ 1/4" thick, and is a painting of Scary Godmother looking through a window. I was told that it was for a Scary Godmother stageplay.

I would like to verify the origination of the artwork and, if you are agreeable, have you autograph it to my 7 yr old niece (it would be an awesome Xmas gift for her). If you are amenable to either of these, I would be very appreciative if you would please contact me via hecht at rowan dot edu

Thanks in advance for your time!

-- Greg

Mella said...

Marco M.

Jill Thompson said...

Are you in Chicago? That's the only place we did the play. Send me a jpeg of this art. 8x10 on a piece of wood? I don't remember painting on wood.
I don't remember doing anything for the play that was of Scary Godmother herself since she was going to be on the actual Stage, but maybe I did it for promotion. i'll know it when I see it.

gbhecht said...

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

I am in NJ, but the (eBay) seller was in Glenn Ellyn, IL. The picture that the seller used in the listing can be viewed at:


Hopefully you recognize it... if not, I certainly wouldn't expect you to autograph it (that would be wrong on so many levels).

Fortunately for me, the selling price was very low. Since my niece will enjoy it hanging on her wall regardless of its history, I felt it was worth the chance.