Saturday, March 22, 2008

best poker face

So, I'm pencilling a page of Magic Trixie and the Dragon (#3-only 90 pages to go) and watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer on the Travel Channel and it occurs to me that you never want to play poker against this guy. Sure, maybe if you are on a team and he's your partner...but if you have to determine whether or not this guy is bluffing and you are going all in or not?
I mean he has eaten the testicles of every male animal known to man and never made a yucky face. His eyebrow does not even twitch. Sometimes he does not even wash it down with a swig of beer! He must have a trophy or a plaque on his wall proclaiming his superiority at this. Who wants to topple him from his Number One Perch?
He's eaten giant creepy larvae that did not have the benefit of being tossed in the deep fryer (I'm sure most things are easier to eat once they are deep fried...) bats, frogs, snakes, eels, rotting what have you... he's like the Tasmaninan Devil in the Bugs Bunny Cartoons...when that growly tornado starts zigzagging through the forest and all the other animals go stampeding off in the opposite direction to avoid being eaten- that must be what it's like when this guy goes to the zoo- or the park or what have you. The local fauna must send their version of Paul Revere out to warn critters to head for the hills.
He'll try anything that grows, too. A human plague of locusts grazing his way through the landscape. Glasses of green spirulina? Glug. Natto? Down the hatch. Durian, the custardlike, disturbing smelling Asian fruit is the only thing I think I've ever seen cause him to ... back down.
Here he is staring down a frog. Then downing said frog.
All in? I fold.

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