Sunday, March 23, 2008

Granada means Pomegranate

So everywhere we went in Granada, we say all of these architectural details that looked like pomegranates. On fountains, on signs,as guide posts. Brian whacked his shinbone really hard while walking through a plaza one afternoon. As it turns out the city is named for the Pomegranate. So, ya learn something new every day. But what I want to know is, where were all the pomegrantate trees? We saw lots of oranges growing everywhere...I only saw one pomegrante branch with a fruit still attached hanging over a garden wall. I thought for something to be named after something it was supposed to be ubiquitous.
On Sunday we all made our way to the Alhambra. I can understand how this castle inspired many a writer to pen fables and fairy tales. Spring was well underway and those of us from midwestern climes were thankful to carry our sweaters and jackets and feel the sun for a day.Each room sported intricate carvings that covered nearly all available surfaces. Arches had arches and those arches had arches. It was difficult for the camera to find what I was trying to focus on. And then, there was the view past the intricate interiors. It was wild. I can't begin to fathom how one designs that or plans for it's construction. I wanted to touch everything as well, because it is all so old but created by artisans...can't do that though. It's against the rules. The oils in our hands and the lotions and creams and sweat and stuff must be destructive (or attract destructive organisms) to the stone and wood.

I could have stayed up there all day with a picnic lunch and a book. Or my sketchbook and paints. I would love to sleep in one of the rooms and see what it looked like in the morning sun! Or lit up by candles or oil lamps. Or a fireplace. I'll have to add some of these elements of the architecture or courtyards to some part of Magic Trixie. I think the Luna Theatre has many Moorish influences in the lobby as well as in the theater. I don't think we actually make our way inside in the bok I'm working on...or number 4. Oh well. I'll still design it for some future story.
The gate to the court of Lions was guarded by that amazing fellow. He was black in the shade and chestnut in the sun. He gave the squinty eye to the loud tourists. But as you can tell, he's seen it all, and he probably takes no guff.

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Miko said...

I like pomegranates so I should probably head to Granada sometime. Cool pictures, Jill! I'm sure this place was reference paradise. Love that cat.