Monday, October 22, 2007

The most wonderful time of the year

Man do I love Autumn. I wait for the whole year for it to become October. Not that I hate the other seasons, mind you. I actually enjoy them all. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not fond of extremes in temperature and that humidity is my natural enemy, but that isn't to say I don't like summer. How could I possible enjoy the amazing Autumn, if it wasn't a great relief from the dog days of summer? I love that vibrant new leaf green ( ain't no other color like it. It's almost unnatural!) and gorgeous violet that comes with the spring. (Makes you rethink Scary Godmother's hat....) I'm excited to see things growing that I planted the year before, and I can't wait to start planting and harvesting peas, carrots, ( never have luck with those, but I keep trying...) arugula...anything I can grow in our cute, little Chicago piazza. I think I'm going to do asparagus for next year. I know it takes 3 years to establish a patch, but I think it's got a good anticipation factor. And a great payoff.
Just like my Collonade apple trees. Two years and counting til they make some fruit, but I'm growing them in the middle of the city! In huge pots! And one day I'll get to pick the fruit and make a pie! I like it! I get great satisfaction from the making of things. I've just recently realized that I treat my life like a huge play that I'm constantly striking the set and redressing. That's how I think of everything. I think tha'ts why I like making stuff. Comics, paintings, clothes, foods...putting on clothes in the morning isn't just covering my body, it's putting on my costume for the day. And sometimes the costumes are really elaborate. Like for Halloween!
Why do I love Autumn so much? Well, I'm born in the tail end of it, so that might have something to do with it. Ever since I've been a tot, it's been my season. Giant piles of leaves, the cool crisp breeze making you thankful for that sweater you are wearing. But it's not too cold, because the ground is still warm, and that keeps things smelling rich and earthy and wonderful.
Autum is is easy. It's like an exhale. I love when it's a bright autumn day, and the sun feel warm on your skin and the leaves are scuttling along the sidewalk on the wind and you get the first whiff of snow on the air...But, that's more November than October.

I want pumpkin carving parties and bonfires in Mr. RapaNui! (A super awesome chiminea that looks like an Easter Island figure. A present for our yard from Brian)
I want my friends all over for cider and laughing and warmth. I love hosting a houseful for every occasion. I love feeding my friends ad having decorations and spur of the moment gatherings.
It's perfect weather for walking and bike riding. (No mosquitos or swarms of gnats...) And picnics where you have big old plaid blankets and thermoses of coffee. Or corn roasts and Oktoberfests with beer and brats. Or Cranberry festivals up in the North Woods with Arts and Crafts and overpriced antique vendors (damn you Ebay!)
Like any Chicagoan, I spent summers up in the North Woods of Wisconsin. I have a good amout of city mouse/country mouse in me. I got a chance for a whirlwind weekend at the beginning of the month way up north and these are a couple of the treats of Autumn I stumbled upon. ANd there were birches. I love a birch tree. It has to be my fave. Next year I'm going to spend a few weeks up there and try to paint a different tree everyday.

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