Sunday, March 11, 2007

Get this thing started

So my first post, or what I thought was my first post was actually over to the right...sigh, I don't know how I did that, but, I thought I'd leave it. All I want to do is get some pichas up here. Other than working on my comics and getting my taxes in order, I've been trying to take a photo everyday. We comic folk can go for days without having to leaveout houses and that can get pretty monotonoous. So, I thought I'd force myself out into the elements and have a chance to see interesting compostions on the everyday. Or just find something that captures my attention. Like a crow that sees a piece of tinsel or some other shiny object. I drive my husband, Brian, crazy when we travel because I will stop and photograph a zillion times as we walk. I never know what will catch my eye. A long shadow, strange window display, the way somone has hung laundry, a street vendor. All of these things impact me because of their composition or striking color or repitition. Ususally I want to paint them or draw them, or just remember them for future projects. We Chicagoans were fortunate this January, to have a few days of unseasonably warm weather right after the New Year. Warm enough for me to jump on my bike and head to the lakefront. I collected beach glass and some shells and took some photos to start my picha project.
The sun cast some great shadows on the stone. I love painting things like this and I look forward to putting brush to paper and creating a few watercolors from this inspiration. I suppose I should get my comic work out of the way first...but i'll get to it someday.

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