Sunday, December 17, 2006

The diary I never had

I'm more comfortable talking to a group of people than writing down my own thoughts. I suppose that's because a journal is personal and something you might not want others to read.But really, I suppose you are writing things down in a journal because you just can't say them to anybody and you probably really do. Blogs seem to be all about wanting other people to read them. Like a party line phone call with typos. It's personal yet some kind of performance. Like a digital postcard that always says "Wish You Were Here"
Like when I was in Ireland with my bestest gal pal Cheryl and her family. Click! Even with the phone I was taking photos. Sometimes I catch myself experiencing everything with my arm outstretched. Snap! Freeze that moment! Save it. Catalogue it! As if I could pass on the smell of a place, or the sound of laughter or the caress of a's odd. I'm always wishing there were camera glasses that you could trigger with a blink of your eye.

And that's so I can stick it up in the corner like a stamp for this electronic postcard.

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