Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prints and Stuff that You have demanded!

I've been asked to make prints of some of my painted art because not everyone can afford one of my original painted pages. Those run between 500 and 1000 dollars. For those interested, all 11 X 17 pages are priced at 1000. I do not change the price of my pages based on which character is on the page. It's the price I charge for any painting of that size. SO, that being said. I understand that not everyone can whip out a credit card for such a purchase. I totally understand. I am a freelance illustrator and I depend on the sales of my art to make it possible to make MORE art. We have a unique symbiotic relationship.
So, how can you get the art you've expressed interest in?


If anything you see below strikes your fancy- email me at jillthompsonstuff@gmail.com !!
This Wonder Woman that I posted on Twitter has become extremely popular and everyone has been asking me if it's a print or a painting. Well, first, it was a painting, or course, because that's how I do! And yes, the painting sold fairly quickly, but I have prints available.

This print is 8 1/2 X 11 inches in size. They are $20.00 US plus shipping and handling.

Here's an image from Scary Godmother that is a great addition to a child's bedroom, or your seasonal Halloween decorating! If you are like me, you might switch out the art you have up based on the season. I mean, really, there is only so much wall space and too much cool art, right? So, when the seasons change, so does the art! ;-)

This print is 11 X 14 in size and are $60.00 US

One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked at conventions other than "What was it like to work with Neil Gaiman?" is---"Do you have any Sandman pages for sale?" And, the answer used to to be "No, not for a very long time."
SO, I decided to make this very emotional scene from Sandman ( that is the pivotal moment that leads to the end of the entire series) into a print.

This print is 11 X 17 ( the same size as the original comic page) and is $100.00 US.

I also have these - A Little Book of Art- a full color ashcan that features all of the painted commissions I've done over the past year and more! 29 color illustrations! So, you can benefit from the purchases of others!

$20.00 US plus s & h
limited to 1000


DillyFae said...

I am very interested in your Little Book of Art for $20! Do you have it listed on Amazon, or can I just go through you?

Platy said...

I preordered Delirium's Party ...and i'm thinking of getting an english edition of the first Little Endless Storybook since the brazilian edition lacks in some parts ... but then I saw it was re-printed this month ...and the new edition had 64 pages against the 56 pages of the first edition.

And i can't find anywhere on the internet what the extra 8 pages are.... can you please tell me ?

So this way i know if i get a very cheap old edition or a normal new edition ...

Renae De Liz said...

Hi Jill! These are so gorgeous! I hope you don't mind me asking you here, but I am putting together an all women's anthology for Charity. So far 100+ women have joined up, including Gail Simone, Annie Nocenti, Colleen Doran, and lots more. The idea is to support women creators in comics. I have always loved your work and would LOVE it if you'd like to contribute to the book! I can tell you more but I don't want to clutter your blog even more! :p My email is renaedeliz@gmail.com if you're interested! Beautiful work once again & thanks!

Griya Mobil Kita said...

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DR COMICS said...

Hey Jill,
Paula Pandolfo here from Dr. Comics Mr. Games. I seem to have missplaced your contact info. Could you please give me a call at the shop. 510-601-7800 I am in on wed thru fri 10-8. I would like to carry your little book of art and want to talk to you about magic trixie. Thanks again


anders said...

Do you have any Invisibles artwork for sale?

Paintings said...

Paintings I love the texture and contrast of this piece. Beautiful!