Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Jillery!!!

This necklace is called The Continent and is brass base metal chain,always nickel free, with a large greenish gold turquoise stone. Handmade by me, unique in all the world as that stone is killer, ain't it? Looks good with a white blouse or a summer sundress. I'm sure it would look just as smart on a black sweater...if you happen to be in the frozen norther's 20 freaking degrees here in Chicago! Brrr! Oh, yeah...It is $100.00
Thanks for shopping ;-)

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Daria Hlazatova said...

beautiful jewellery! just discovered your blog through neverwear twitter :) great

Anonymous said...

Discovered you through Feministe. Love this piece. I'm all about precious stones and such. Very unique.

Be well,


Catherine said...

dear jill. i am ten years old. i love magic trixie and i think you should make way, way more! i make comics too and my mom makes jewelry also. i even sing. love ava.

Roberto "Horn" said...

Hello Jill, I'm a big fan (I love their work, all of them!) and would, if possible, you take a look at my work. I wish you much peace, luck and life is always lit. And forgive me if the translation is bad, blame the google translator! hehehehehe
Here is my email if you want to comment on.
Kisses million kisses for you!

Zacky B. said...

Jill, Here is a video of my 2 1/2 year old sun and the little endless. I hope you like.

moonymonster said...

Hi Jill...I'd love to get one of your prints from the Scary Godmother books, since they've become my new favorite books to read with my niece (Kailyn loves Bug-a-Boo and has drawn me a picture of him and Scary Godmother because she knows I like the book so much). My favorite book is The Mystery Date (I LOVE that full-page drawing of Scary's date dress, I want to make that dress very much) and Kailyn's is Boo Flu. Anyway, for Halloween I made a Scary Godmother costume so I could be Kailyn's Scary Godmother, and it was a lot of fun...of course, Kailyn dressed up as a Jedi this year but we still had a grand time trick-or-treating. I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me what you think, since I don't know if I'll ever get to meet you in person but while making it I did think of you, and how nice it would be if you could see it. Does that sound horribly corny? Anyway, I've posted a few pictures on my deviantart account--it's I hope you like it! I got to wear her at a Pumpkin Patch for the shoot and it was a lot of fun to have the little kids waving at me and saying hello. Thank you for making such a fun character for me to wear!