Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oooh! Jill-ery!

So, I'm selling some of the jewelry creations for the holiday season. I'm using my long abandoned and barely relevant blog as a gallery of sorts until I can get a website going. Why I haven't been able to accomplish that is rather beyond me, but please bear with me. I think I can make this 'make do' for the time being. And maybe I'll blog more often. Ooooh! Hopefully I'm not violating some Blogger rule by selling my wares... I'm sure I'll find out soon enough, right?
I go though these bursts of creativity where I have lots of ideas for jewelry in my head and I just have to make them until they are all out and existing instead of just in my head. So things will show up here from time to time.

All necklaces are handmade by me, designed by me, one of a kind and always nickel free!I know that all sorts of allergies exist, but it nickel seems to be the big problem. And I get the chain from a shop that only sells nickel free materials. Good for all!

First up some leafy and seashell creations. Nature is my inspiration. I'd love to keep them all, but I think I'll keep some and share some. That's a good way to do it. Hopefully you'll love them as much as I do.
Sterling silver, gold or base metal chain and freshwater pearls are a favorite of mine. As are seashells.

So the first offering is called "For a Mermaid" and is made with gold chain, found seashells and various freshwater pearls. priced at $125.00 US
The second offering is called "On the Half Shell"and is also on gold chain, with a single oyster shell and one golden hued freshwater pearl.priced at $125.00 US

I will keep these posts up until the items have been sold.
I accept PayPal via jillthompsonstuff@gmail.com.
Buyers will also pay for their preferred shipping method.
The above email address is also my contact email for commissioned art and appearance inquiries.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! You may want to open up an Etsy.com shop (just for conveience and security of a transaction.)

Jill Thompson said...

I might. Is it easy to do?

Nancy said...

oh yeah, opening a shop on etsy seems pretty simple :) definitely scope it out :)

Blogger said...

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