Saturday, June 6, 2009

A small break

Painting comics is taking me such a long time, but I'm finally finished with Beasts of Burden #2 (here's a page to hopefully whet your appetites for supernatural dog capers) and driving straight into #3. I had to go out and buy all new brushes today (because as you can see , I don't have nearly enough...) as I've painted all the pointedy tips off of the ones I had. They all go into the 'fill in washes' cup now. I have a good handful now, but I'll have to remember to switch them out while I paint or I'll start out with a fine outline and end up with a medium one. I 'spose it takes me a long time because if I break you down into traditional comics jobs, I'm pencilling, coloring and inking, but without the efficiency of the assembly line process of a 'creative team'. I never hand it off to another guy to add to it, because that other guy is also me! So instead of everything overlapping, it's me finishing and starting and finishing and starting...but the end result is worth the effort. I just want it to be a hit.
Thank goodness I have a bit of time to squeeze in an Italian lesson, and grow salad greens for us to eat, and time to sing little songs to Archie the cat. And, the weather is finally suitable for the Flower Bike to bloom again. Now if only I could find me a Can Can skirt and ruffly undapants to ride around in. And I have to get the script in to Ms. Shelly Bond for the Second Little Endless Story book! So- that means, I have to get the jumble in my head out in proper order on a page! Or a screen as it were. I'm feeling very creative, but my human limitations are holding me back! Fingers that cramp and shoulders that betray me. I'd better get my pencil now while the good old right arm is still fluid!

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Aline Martins said...

Amazing works!
I love watercolors... and its transparency...

are these published in Brazil? if now I shall import!

Congrats from distant lands

The Hectic Attic