Sunday, June 7, 2009

Magic Trixie Trilogy

Magic Trixie and the Dragon is available this month. Please search them out. I'm have a next to impossible time finding them in the bookstores (SNIFSADSOB) despite the fact that they are published by Harper Collins. I have a feeling that grass roots publicity is in order with me doing the grass rootsing. SO- ALL of the books are available on I've been nicely supported by some great comics shops.
But just in case you've never heard of Magic Trixie, and think I was not writing,drawing and painting anything over the past three years- this is your heads up! They make a great gift for the younger readers you might know who you'd like to introduce the comics medium to! And, as with Scary Godmother, I made sure that the tale was enjoyable for us big kids as well.
Hopefully I'll be able to do more Magic Trixie stories at some point in other shapes and sizes!


piwackit said...

Number 3 is coming this month!
Just ordered it from my local B&N since we frequent the store.

Hopefully they will get more in for everyone else.

See ya in July!

Jill Thompson said...

They only ordered one of #1 last summer when I went in looking for it, they checked the system, they checked ALL the Chicago stores and found out that YEs, it WAS available and NO- none of the stores had it. Then I said, I am the author/illustrator, to which they replied--"!" Oh, then we'll order ONE....

jim said...

Jeeez! You might as well sell 'em out of the trunk of your car. Is there somebody at the publisher that takes care of this sort of thing? I mean I've seen more copies of Scarey Godmother at B&N when it was coming out in the hard covers. Much smaller publisher.
Perhaps it has to be pitched at the proper section heading, which Magic Trixie would fall under several. In the childrens section there is Manga and Comics, or Serialized books.
Sorry you're having such trouble getting it out there. Good luck.

Blam said...

I had an easier time finding the first two books last year than more recently (looking for extras as gifts). One copy of #1 came from the kids/YA graphic-novel shelves at Borders, one from my local comics shop; I forget where I got Sleeps Over. At the risk of seeming self-promotional, I'll direct you to the recent review on my blog so you can see that you're not just grass-roots, party of one 8^):

Blam said...

Ack! I just followed the link from my own review to Magic Trixie's blog and found a new entry, belying my post. Well, I was right at the time. I might hafta throw in an update before the new book comes out to salve my conscience. (PS: You should add the new book to the "adventures" in the margin of Trixie's blog.)

Donna said...

My name is Ivy and I'm six and a half. I like Scary Godmother. I read a Magic Trixie book and I liked it so much I read it again. My favorite character is her cat Scratches. I am going to read more Magic Trixie books.

SFBiker said...

My six-year-old daughter loves the Magic Trixie books, and has all three. Do you have any plans for a fourth?