Monday, February 16, 2009

Long Time No Post

Well, I certainly have been seduced by Facebook...yeesh! I've been neglecting you dear blog, I'm so sorry about i will give you something good.

Everyone thinks I designed Grampy from Magic Trixie to look like Brian now that he has a cowboy mustasche and long whiskers...but I really was thinking about my own Papa. His general attitude, for what I remember of it. or maybe it's the attitude I've now assigned to him, since he passed away when I was five. He always had time for me, and a story and stuff.


piwackit said...

Very cute!
I see the curls go WAY back. ;)

And it looks like you & Brian are coming out for WonderCon.
Any plans to stop in LA?

The lemon tree is overloaded so I can send you back w/a suitcase full of citrus!


Ortolan said...

— Hello there, wondering if I could get your email address... my band would love to use some of your art.

Jill Thompson said...

Can I get yours? I'll delete the post right away.

Anonymous said...

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