Saturday, November 8, 2008

I got U

Although I didn't have a photo of this year's Halloween costume, I've been tidying up my studio and came across this most spectacular one from the Academy days. I am Cher and Daryl is Sonny and Yes, we did so sing "I got U Babe!"I can rock the long dark wig I think...
Daryl is better know in the Scary Godmother world as the inspiration for Daryl! Why? Because of this brilliant costume he made for a Halloween Party in festive and enthusiastic spooktakular Kent, Ohio many years ago. You eagle eyed fans will note that I edited out the black comic touch of the pin/nail in the books...
My good pal Mary Catlett is the..pseudo egyptian queenie lady. Thanks for identifying the costume description Mary. I did not know how to classify your get up.
My mom is the bee.
And yes, that's Sandman lurking in the background...


Anonymous said...

and U got me, too!

Whenever Halloween rolls around, I think of you, Jill. I only have dialup so before the second photo loaded, I was thinking, how fast could I put my hands on a Kent, OH photo circa 1989 or ' fast could I scan it in?

No need!

Low and behold, you already had one -- and it really made my day! I know it doesn't matter, but I'm the unnamed Egyptian (sort of) on the left. It's a wedding sari (gold thread) from Damen Avenue in Chicago, blue body stocking, blue makeup, wig and asp on the arm that hopefully looked better on stage in the Second City Children's show "Monkey Kings and Other Things" that it was designed for. I was a Sacred Sister -- and thrilled to be the blue one!

But when Halloween rolls around I definitely always think of that trip to Ohio & Daryl's costume which was simple, effective and hilarious. I even thought of ripping off the idea (only a couple of thousand times) but never did. I don't recall Sandman (duh, I don't know the genre) but I really remember Jay shaving his head for an 8 ball. That's commitment!

Your mom is so adorable -- so kind and such a good sport. I hope she is doing well! You and yours, Daryl and his, too.

Doug Voegtle said...


I've lost complete track of you.

Doug Voegtle
Players Workshop