Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I love this photo of me. It's the only one I have (and it's a photocopy) of when I was born. I spent a few months in the hospital before my parents got me. Not any other photos of me as a bundle of baby. It goes from this to, like one years old. See the resemblance, tho? Pointy chin hung in there! This photo makes me smile. I was only 2lbs and some change-pretty remarkable for that time...I must have been pretty small and creepy, now that I think on it! But anyway-moving on...
Here are a bunch of other things...guaranteed to put a smile on my face! (brown paper packages and whiskers on kittens of course are included...but I doubt I could fit my listy into that song and-I heard it and saw Andrea's HulaSeventy list on the same day, and it made me think. And Brian and Halloween are automatically at the top of any such list, so I did not add here's my list, in no particular order.
1. holding hands
2. Archie the cat, snoring!
3. cake donut with chocolate frosting
4. school desk with the lifty top
5. vintage/antique store
6. road trip
7. lazy Sunday mornings where you cuddle in bed and read the paper to each other
8. dim sum
9. crafts
10. Christmas lights-(on Christmas, sure,) but also just used strung up round the ceiling like fireflies
11. coffee, black with sugar
12. hiccupy toddler laff
13. pointy toed shoes
14. pickles
15. crayons
16. old book smell
17. plaid
18. musician in the subway
19. paper snowflakes
20. waxed paper and crayon melty hearts
21. apricot
22. ‘fired up’ lipstick
23. typewriters and the sound they make (whatever happened to my Royal?!!!)
24. real letters delivered in the mail
25. yarn store
26. foreign money especially heavy coins
27. picnics
28. graph paper
29. bic medium point pen
30. leftover spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast (but not cold for the meatball part- you can get away with cold for the basghetti)
31. autumn leaves
32. kid drawings
33. buttons (to sew)
34. stockings
35. a chest freezer filled with homemade stuff
36. mushrooms
37. full moon
38. quesadillas
39. movie marathon- monster or some other theme
40. lemon cloud cake
41. chocolate sprinkles
42. superball
43. grasshopper
44. flowers
45. tomato plant
46. windchime made out of olde keys or old spoons
47. beach glass
48. smooth twig
49. hand carved wooden spoon that looks like a ladle to spoon things out of a cauldrony pot
50. Mexican coca-cola
51. roasting marshmallows
52. skinny dipping
53. things served family style
54. candlelight
55. going with it…the joke- or the bit…improv, baby)
56. smartcar
57. looking in the Christmas windows
58. Thanksgiving side dishes
59. biccicletta
60. paper bats
61. weekend trips
62. baskets
63. lemon anything
64. big tree with an old tyme swing, like with a board and some ropes
65. a big tree
66. bonfire
67. ghost story
68. filled pastry, sweet or savory
69. tomatoes in a jar
70. the giardinera!
71. Chicago style hot dog
72. local eateries and their specialties
73. hand me down recipes
74. aperitivo
75. flowy dresses
76. train ride
77. Chinese lanterns, paper lanterns, thingies that make a mood
78. farmhouse table
79. crochet flowers
80. rollerskates with four wheels all spread out
81. champagne ‘cup’
82. caramels wrapped in waxed paper
83. all affection, no brainer
84. salt ‘flowers’ on the watercolor
85. old glass jars
86. open air market/roadside market stands
87. potluck suppers
88. walks in the woods or bike rides if there is a paved trail
89. sheets that smell like the sun after drying on the clothesline
90. garden party
91. twinkle in the eye
92. hats with a brim
93. old photos
94. storytelling
95. magic picture phone
96. eclectic home d├ęcor
97. sunday bloody mary/jazz sunday
98. octopus
99. an assortment of Christmas cookies wrapped up real purty
100. painting on location
I could do this all day…


Ernie Estrella said...

Have a great birthday, Jill! May this year be better than all the rest!

Jill Thompson said...

Thanks. That's a great wish. I hope my birthday starts the best year for everyone. It's been an exciting November.

piwackit said...

Happy Birthday!
I'll have to whip up something & send it your way.
Love the list.

Go out & have some fun!

Anonymous said...

Jill is having a birthday! Wow! These are the best days of your life....may they only get better! Love, M (and keep blogging!)

Josh said...

What a great list. I love this kind of stuff. I made a list of things I made

I'd love to see something like this from you. I bet you make the coolest things.

Anonymous said...

wow! what a photo. It looks like a supernatural disembodied head floating in the clouds casting a mightily disapproving gaze. Great list, thanks for sharing... very good for the soul, something I shall do for myself I think.

Jill Thompson said...

I love your paperbag suit! I think I will take your challenge. But, it might take a while for me to get the thing rolling.

joelmead said...

Happy Birthday…

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