Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy All the Way Though

I have had such a great birthdays. And by birthdays I am not making a typo twice, I am expressing great joy at the good times I have had over the past two days. My love, who gives me great gifties alla the time, gave me a happy smile from my list. It was of the octopus variety. We went to the best Italian joint in the city, Anteprima. And last night we gathered with my great friends Daryl, Tony, Kris, Ron and Erika at Cafe Marbella. An amazing Tapas Place( that serves lunch, people! Get yourselves up there, Peterson, west of Kimball- and it's BYOB.) The food is outstanding and the owners are wonderful.
After about 10 bottles of wine, we got the birthday treatment and they brought out this wine a teapot with a phallic handle and a wee li'l spout, or like a bong, but for wine and no smoking. And of course the point is to drink straight out of this jobber but holding it way back so the wine arcs out like a fountain into your mouth. And, YES, the second time around, I laughed and gasnorted wine all over myself. But it was white wine, so it was kind of okay. Mostly it was because you are so intent on trying to hit your mouth with the wine that you forget to swallow the wine that's already in there and suddenly as it wells up you start to panic because you start thinking about a bathtub that overflows and you don't want wine to start spilling out of your mouth and probably into your ears and you start frantically gulping which causes your friends to giggle and shout excitedly and point out the obvious and then you are done for. Erika and Ron had their Jesus phones, so there might be some 'really attractive' photos to share. But, it is very early and I am only up because the cat was hungry. Instead I shall post some photos of autumnal things. Like these beautiful leaves.And this delicious dinner that Brian and I made-he made the Hunter's Ragu and I made the noodles. A sauce like that needed a homemade noodle. And the cold winter air has dropped down from Canada to make dinners like this absolutely necessary. Hearty things that are served in thick bowls. Not ready for winter, Mum Nature. Can I get at least a 45 degree day to finish raking leaves and stringing up Christmas lights and all that jazz? And still be able to use my fingers. That would be nice...

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