Thursday, October 2, 2008

It can't be October yet!

October, step back! I love you and your leafy ways, but I am not yet done with September! I mean, look! I'm still dealing with tomatoes! I'm still harvesting and preparing for winter!

NO- it is not the only thing I am doing...I'm not a squirrell or a pioneer woman. I have to paint comics and a zillion other things! SO -can you just hang back a bit til I'm done? Because I want to ENJOY every minute of you!


tot said...
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piwackit said...

Tell you what, I'll send you our 103 degree temp we had on Weds. & you can send the COLD & rain here.
I am SO ready for FALL!

Your garden looks lovely & all your veggie goodness will keep you going until Spring.
You need a large dehydrator w/all that produce. ;)
Don't forget to dry some citrus!

Jill Thompson said...

Citrus! I should be so lucky to have a cirtus tree! Send me a crate of something filled with vitamin c and some 'struction on what to do with it and I'll get moving on that. I've been oven drying the tomatoes. Makes the kitchen all warm and good smelling. Especially since you could see your breath this A.M! NO! Not yet! NOT YET!

tot said...

Nice Vegatables, looks tasty, maybe you will be good at the cooking show Jill, keep up the good works!!

piwackit said...

I have lemons & oranges.
I'll see what I can do about a package w/instructions. : )
The peels are great to store in sugar; and then you have flavored sugars. You can candy the peels too. Squeeze the juice into ice cube trays & store them in the freezer until you need a burst of citrus. Pound cakes, Fishy, Sangrias, dried citrus flesh for the colder months, or just eat them.

Oven drying is good. We should have some MUCH needed rain on Sat., so I may finally get to bake!
I've got a ton of bananas in the freezer so I'm thinking banana bread w/chocolate chips.