Monday, January 7, 2008

best of 2007- food

We ate so many great things last year. Some while we travelled in Italy and lots that we made ourselves. This tasty plate was one of the many delicious antipastos we had with our aperitivo. Might have been in Reggio Emilia or maybe Lucca.Or it might have been in the airport in Rome! Even in the airport you can get great food. I always take pictures of what I eat when I travel. (so I remember and cuz it looks so pretty)>This artichoke was grilled under a red hot brick at the restaurant Evangelista in Rome. I could eat one of these every day.I finally made a perfect loaf of bread. Super crispy on the outside and moist and crumb-y on the inside. The crust made crackly noises like Rice Krispies in milk as it was cooling on the counter. It's fun to hear your bread snap and fizzle.And I have a li'l fig tree in a pot which allowed me to gather about a pint of figs. They are one of my favorite fruits. And, I made some pizzas. One time I made three that were perfectly circular in they always turn out looking. But they are tasty. This one is a four cheese and mushroom. Can't go wrong with that.We also had this amazing dish of spaghetti with bottarga (salted roe) while on our way to Giuseppe and Jessica Camuncoli's wedding in Tuscany. I think it had three ingredients in it and it was one of the most intense, complex, yet direct dishes I've ever eaten. Soon after we returned home from the lovely italian wedding, my tomato plants bore fruit. Before long we were up to our ears in heirlooms. We ate them nearly every day. In September, we hosted our dinner club and plied our friends with ubertomato harvest. Sliced up with roasted garlic basil and parmesan and arranged in tarts, I had our first course. These were on their way to be baked in the oven. They tasted like pizza, but with a pie crust. The colors are unbelievable. (I'm also a fan of purple, red and white carrots.) And sliced on fresh bread with smashed avocado and salt and basil.I saved lots of seeds and I can't wait to plant them again.
Yeesh it's late. I have to get up in 6 hours. More food another day. And I totally forgot to post the photo of my lovely Christmas gift. And my painting of tomatoes...But, I yam so tired. And muh shoulda jernts hoit!


Miko said...

I find myself constantly returning to this post as I sit bored in my cubicle. It;s not just mouth watering (I refer to the olives in the first picture and the homemade pizza especially especially), but my strange fixation on the aesthetics of vegetables. No wonder I always got lost in the produce department as a kid.

Great pics, Jill!!!!

L D said...

I also take food photos while vacationing.

Germany had some of the prettiest foods I've ever eaten! It was all about presentation that brought out the flavors of the food.

Anonymous said...
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Abigail said...

Hi, I'm a fan of work who lurks on your blog, I just wanted to comment on the pizza. Whenever I make something that turns out tasty but not the shape or appearance I expected I declare it to be "rustic" or with pizza: "tuscan!" The food all looks great and is making me hungry :)