Friday, December 7, 2007

my illustrating process

In response to the comment posted on the previous post...
after I pencil the comic page, I go in with my watercolors and paint in all of the area that need painting. This is very much like the old fasioned blue line hand coloring process...without the blueline or the acetate overlay.

Then I go in with brush and more paint and outline the figures and objects. Yes, it is like inking...but no ink is being used. All of the holding lines are pure color. Say I'm drawing around a red object. I will fill my brush with a really dark mixture of alizarin crimson and a bit of windsor violet. or perhaps a green.

it's really turned out to be an odd process. it takes much more time than painting in a painterly way...but my watercolor paintings are usually large...unless they are li'l travel drawings. I find that I'm really drawing with paint here more than painting.
I suppose I'm cartooning.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, so the outlining is fairly analogous to inking for the outer edges of character/form. It may be an odd style; I don't know enough to be a judge of that -- but it does make your stuff "jump out" amongst other artists' work. I know you (semi-)recently did that manga "Death" book, and maybe that was a help re: always doing the same sort of thing. For my tastes though, I love the hybrid watercolor/painting thing you do. Hmm. Unless you want to mess around with the style I last saw in "Invisibles"; that was nice.

Say! Have you managed to sneak in some wrasslin' into your new books?

Anonymous said...

I like the procastination site -- they need a Skully drawing, don't you think? Maybe an old one

Benjamin Hall said...

I LOVE your work and am a big fan of your books/DVDs.

I wish I had the patience (or the room) for traditional medium, but alas I am chained to digital fakery.

ShadowGuy said...

Hi Jill,

This is kind of off-topic, but I have a Shadow watercolor you did for me at Comic-Con and wondered if you wanted a hi-res copy of it. If you don't need one or a lo-res version is sufficient, you can find the image on my ComicArtFans gallery here:

You can contact me via the ComicArtFans site if you want the hi-res.

And just so's you know, yours is my wife's favorite of all the Shadow pieces in my collection.

Thanks again for taking the time to do it for me.

Keith Holt

Miko said...

It's Miko "Notes on coffee-cup"

Wow, I always wondered how this was done. I am really inexperienced with color and was always curious about the subtly colorful linework in Scary. The painting before "inking" technique really helps the cartoony characters pop in an organic way. It must take long, but it's worth it I think.

Are your pencils really gestural or really defined? And how long does it take to create, oh say, one scene, from Scary using this technique? Heheh, sorry to be so bombarding. I am extremely curious... 0_0

Miko "from coffee-cups to your blog"

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