Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Solstice! Good Yule!

Before I get to the drawing board today, I thought I'd share some pretty decent photos of our tree. I can't ever get a truly accurate photo of how the tree looks all lit up at night. It's really good and sparkly with my zillions of ornaments all in amongst the branches. You actually can see them quite well. But, when you try to take a picture it turns all orangey. And if you try to use the flash, it washes out all the depth and the twinkly lights. So, this is the best I could do.Brian knows I love strange and interesting ornaments and being excellent, he gets me a cool one every year. It's my favorite present. I love traditions and memories and adding to the tree is one that makes my heart feel good. I'm not good at remembering the year that I got them, but you should see how excited I get when I'm unwrapping them and decorating the tree. I forget some of them from year to year , so it's like a huge suprise when I find them again. "Hey! it's the golden Earwig! There's the spider! And the Pirates! There's the Jughead my friend Rick gave me. Or the Angels the girls made! There's the leaf Brian gave me! The fishies and...clownie! Hello ornaments! "

Lukey hasn't done this in years. He used to really like lying under the tree. Not so much the past couple, so it was nice to see him lounging. It's cold on the floor there, so I'm sure that's why no one wants to hang out with the presents. Especially not with the radiator so close by. Better to lounge on the warm thing.And I always have to hide this guy way in the tree...I mean I usually do put ornaments inside the branches and not just outside, so there are layers of things to look at...but him-he needs to go way in there, lurking and looking out you.
Okee dokee. Back to the drawing board!

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