Saturday, November 3, 2007


On Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to two parties. I had decided to be spider themed this year and spent odd hours beading myself a spiderweb necklace and bustlethingie. Most of my Halloween costumes have long gowns or flowy robes.And gauzy fabric. And that bridal veil material. But black. It's usually made from whatever is on the Halloween remnant table at the fabric store. I guess it's really like Scary Godmother's fancy dress closet. Most of the time, my regular clothing (at this time of year) gets me compliments like "Nice witch costume!" if I happen to be in a long black skirt and sweater with some pointy shoe or boot.(and, I got a lotta those) It happened while Brian and I were on our way to a play for our anniversary last year. I had on a long black skirt, high heels, sweater and coat. "Hey- I like your witch costume!" said two trick or treat moms. Oh- yes, I was carrying a l'il jack o'lantern purse...but still. No hat, no weird makeup, no broom. I was getting into a car. With a guy in a suit jacket.
Still, I kinda dig it. But, if I'm trying to be a spider queen, I want to be recognized as a spider queen.
So, Spider Queen or spider bride or Jill dressed up in Halloween glam went to my friend Suzanne's daughter Julia's Halloween/birthday party. It was cute to see all the kids and parents dressed up. But the best part was that Julia had decorated the house for the party.

It was explained to me that the repetition of Boo meant the ghost was saying it louder.

Next we have what I call "The tragic death of the happy princess"

I'm assuming these are the ghosts of the previous owners of the home who hung themselves using the cord for the blinds. Or it could be a recall warning for that particular brand of window treatment. I know I have been warned about this type of thing on the consumer report segment of the news.

The children dined on black sugar bat cookies which gave their lips and teeth a horrible/wonderful hue. Pair that up with my camera's knack for producing red eye and you've got a good smattering of Children of the Damned...or Darned cuz they were giggly and sweet. But the cowgirl--she kept giving me the eyeball. She was sizing me up. I'd catch her looking at me when she ran into the room. Maybe she was creeped out by the only adult wearing more costume than the kids--or maybe she was going to try and make my head explode with her telekinetic powers.

Here's what she was squinting at.

I thought I looked swell.
I met up with my friends Kristina, her husband Ron, and their friend Erika. We gals were all dressed in black and with Ron to escort us decked out in his fine suit, we all looked like some kind of goth, haunted Charlie's Angels...or Devils as it were.

Kristina (she's the one in the middle-a celtic tree goddess whose name escapes me at the moment) and I went to art school together and she is one of the most talented people I have ever met. I love being around her. One, because she just makes you feel good. She has great energy coming out of her. And, secondly, because she makes me realize how much I actually repress the more bohemian part of me. I love that part of me and I haven't embraced it as much as I should. Sometimes I'm just way too inhibited and caught up in the routine of day to day, you know? Kris makes you sit back to take a good breath and appreciate. It's just a vibe. Plus, we have many of the same interests and you know how it is when you're in the room with someone who just kinda knows the same stuff as you? You can communicate really well because of this shared common understanding. Or at least that's how it seems to me.
We touched up our deadface, gathered our tree branches, our bones and beads, packed it into cars and headed to the Superhero Hallowen party. No, none of us was dressed as a superhero, but I figure, I work in the business so, um, anything I create is some kind of comic book character,yeah! Uh, so really, we fit the bill on a technicality. Or a fib- call it what you like. W could have been some kind of Sandman spinoff or something. I could have gotten really geeky about it and said we were ancestors of Klarion the Witch Boy, or terrible creatures from Apokolips straight from the Boom Tube, but this party was not about fandom acurate Superfolks at all.
Eh- I take that back, there was some accuracy, but that was more about the details of the costumes or costuming itself, not the geek critique. It was, however, quite geek chic! I was kind of disappointed that no one was talking about comics. When you are a comicbook artist and you go to conventions, you espect the costumed people to talk about comics. Here,not so much. It was uper fun. Great imaginations. Wild theme costumes. I never felt more underdressed and under make-uped! Even the apartment was wearing a costume. The walls were painted with a city skyline and word balloons and sound effects festooned the food tables, the bar, every door and even hung from the ceiling. The floor had a replica of an Alex Ross Joker illustration painted on it in full color. I misfiled that photo, so I have tofind the folder to add it. Apparently one of the hosts must be a comics fan, but I wonder how many other people (other than me) knew what they were walking all over on their way to the bathroom.

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TMALO70 said...

Oh, WOW!!!

First off, Your Costume was Great... That Spider on Your Head was a Nice touch... As for Annie Oakley, She was probably hopped-up on Sugar Cookies and seein' Her Halloween Future in You and Your Costume...

That Party looks Insane... Between Ronald McDragQueen, The Wonder Twins, and the Hangin' SoundEffects it looks like You had a BLAST!!!