Friday, November 2, 2007

halloweekend- Friday

So I'm having a bit of post halloween stress disorder...I'm gonna have to take down all my paper bats and the spiderwebs I've made. All the bat cookies are gone,snif. But, also, yum. I'm sad that the fun of this past weekend is over. I really jammed lots of activities into a relatively short amount of time.My pals Daryl and Tony had a pumpkin carving party. Pumkin bread, apple crisp and apple tarts, Kris wine and cocktails and Frankenstein on the t and v.

The amazing Kristina brought pumpkins she grew in her own backyard. Apparently hers grew like weeds, or strawberries (in my yard) or kudzu in the south. I have not yet had luck with any squash. I get the squash borer bugs and they destroy my vine before I have a chance to see them bear fruit.
Kris is an excellen tjack o'lantern carver and she and I share a big love of Halloween. We both brought our own tools to carve with! She had cool wood carving ones and I had a drywall saw and this old serving spoon that has a flat sharp edge.I only use it for carving. It's great for scooping out the insides.

Here are some of the spirits that inhabited our jack o'lanterns...

These are the best I could do in the light. My camera's stabilizer has gone all wonky. Sometimes it focuses well and other times it's persnickety.
Daryl made a great Ike (from South Park) o'lantern, but his delicate features did not radiate enough light from within to effectively show up in a photo.
I brought an appropriately seasonal Apple Tart with Sage Crust for friends to knosh on. It turned out pretty good. I am a fan of the rustic tart. Even the mistakes look good. Cuz it's rustic.

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