Monday, October 22, 2007

Scary Godmother with commercials

Well, I've gotten a bunch of phone calls and e-mails. It seems that Cartoon Network is showing Scary Godmother and The Revenge of Jimmy. It is an amazingly great feeling to hand out Trick or Treats with the house all dark and lit up with candles and Jack O' Lanterns and have my very own holiday special playing in the background (sound off of to stay spooky.)
Check your local listings for times. I have absolutely no clue as to when the network is showing it.
I did Ti Vo it. Kinda makes it seem more real with commercials because that means the whole country is watching it, and not just me and the animators who worked on it. For several years it was just a secret show that I saw in weekly installments. So I could give notes, add things, suggest edits and generally talk Zeke Norton's ear off. He was the most incredible director. He could translate my art talk into computer for the animators and guide me through computer animation land when my brain only easily comprehends brush and paper.
I was lucky to be able to contribute so much art and set design and stuff for the two specials. The observant viewer will find some props and things that are taken directly from illustrations I created. Both Treats segments were flash animated from my drawings. Hannah's room and Jimmy's room have a few posters and stuff added to the set that the animators created. Some of the animators drew a few as well. It was a good mix. They also used my paintings and watercolor work as a vehicle to render the 3D shapes that they created so sometimes it looks like my books, yet not like my books. Marvy.

I've got boxes of art that I created for the specials--but just a few scanned in. Gotta get all my art and sketches and what not scanned and saved one of these days. That should take a million hours.This is a great inspiration for such a monumental task. Just do a few at a time.


Tony Akins said...

Awesomeness...Welcome to the Blogosphere, Jill.
I was talking to a VERY smart man the other night. He told me that, "Obscurity is the new Poverty."
This I believe!
Blog Away! I'll send minions!

LovelyLauren said...

I'm wearing my very own version of Scary Godmother as I type this!

Green and Navy Blue striped shirt, black skirt and leggings with maroon striped above the knee socks!
Black hat and very large black wings.
And my red hair is braided into pigtails, because I doubt I would be able to comb knots out of my curls if I let them flow freely =P

I love Scary Godmother, I saw The Revenge of Jimmy on Cartoon network!

Orson Zedd said...

I doubt you'll even see this, but what I wouldn't give for a Scary Godmother tv show based on the comic proper.