Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prints and Stuff that You have demanded!

I've been asked to make prints of some of my painted art because not everyone can afford one of my original painted pages. Those run between 500 and 1000 dollars. For those interested, all 11 X 17 pages are priced at 1000. I do not change the price of my pages based on which character is on the page. It's the price I charge for any painting of that size. SO, that being said. I understand that not everyone can whip out a credit card for such a purchase. I totally understand. I am a freelance illustrator and I depend on the sales of my art to make it possible to make MORE art. We have a unique symbiotic relationship.
So, how can you get the art you've expressed interest in?


If anything you see below strikes your fancy- email me at jillthompsonstuff@gmail.com !!
This Wonder Woman that I posted on Twitter has become extremely popular and everyone has been asking me if it's a print or a painting. Well, first, it was a painting, or course, because that's how I do! And yes, the painting sold fairly quickly, but I have prints available.

This print is 8 1/2 X 11 inches in size. They are $20.00 US plus shipping and handling.

Here's an image from Scary Godmother that is a great addition to a child's bedroom, or your seasonal Halloween decorating! If you are like me, you might switch out the art you have up based on the season. I mean, really, there is only so much wall space and too much cool art, right? So, when the seasons change, so does the art! ;-)

This print is 11 X 14 in size and are $60.00 US

One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked at conventions other than "What was it like to work with Neil Gaiman?" is---"Do you have any Sandman pages for sale?" And, the answer used to to be "No, not for a very long time."
SO, I decided to make this very emotional scene from Sandman ( that is the pivotal moment that leads to the end of the entire series) into a print.

This print is 11 X 17 ( the same size as the original comic page) and is $100.00 US.

I also have these - A Little Book of Art- a full color ashcan that features all of the painted commissions I've done over the past year and more! 29 color illustrations! So, you can benefit from the purchases of others!

$20.00 US plus s & h
limited to 1000

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Jillery!!!

This necklace is called The Continent and is brass base metal chain,always nickel free, with a large greenish gold turquoise stone. Handmade by me, unique in all the world as that stone is killer, ain't it? Looks good with a white blouse or a summer sundress. I'm sure it would look just as smart on a black sweater...if you happen to be in the frozen norther climes...it's 20 freaking degrees here in Chicago! Brrr! Oh, yeah...It is $100.00
Thanks for shopping ;-)

Buyer pays shipping for their preferred mailing method. I accept Paypal with the jillthompsonstuff@gmail.com email address.
This email address is also my contact for commission and appearance inquiries.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oooh! Jill-ery!

So, I'm selling some of the jewelry creations for the holiday season. I'm using my long abandoned and barely relevant blog as a gallery of sorts until I can get a website going. Why I haven't been able to accomplish that is rather beyond me, but please bear with me. I think I can make this 'make do' for the time being. And maybe I'll blog more often. Ooooh! Hopefully I'm not violating some Blogger rule by selling my wares... I'm sure I'll find out soon enough, right?
I go though these bursts of creativity where I have lots of ideas for jewelry in my head and I just have to make them until they are all out and existing instead of just in my head. So things will show up here from time to time.

All necklaces are handmade by me, designed by me, one of a kind and always nickel free!I know that all sorts of allergies exist, but it nickel seems to be the big problem. And I get the chain from a shop that only sells nickel free materials. Good for all!

First up some leafy and seashell creations. Nature is my inspiration. I'd love to keep them all, but I think I'll keep some and share some. That's a good way to do it. Hopefully you'll love them as much as I do.
Sterling silver, gold or base metal chain and freshwater pearls are a favorite of mine. As are seashells.

So the first offering is called "For a Mermaid" and is made with gold chain, found seashells and various freshwater pearls. priced at $125.00 US
The second offering is called "On the Half Shell"and is also on gold chain, with a single oyster shell and one golden hued freshwater pearl.priced at $125.00 US

I will keep these posts up until the items have been sold.
I accept PayPal via jillthompsonstuff@gmail.com.
Buyers will also pay for their preferred shipping method.
The above email address is also my contact email for commissioned art and appearance inquiries.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Commission FAQ-Kinda boring but necessary info

Okee Dokee!

All the 2010 CURRENT pricing info on my convention and commission sketches and paintings.

At the con I can do two types of sketches because it is busy, I am signing and chatting and doing all sorts of other stuff, too- These are their prices
Pencil (one color toned colored pencil drawing) one character $150.00
Pen and Inkonce character $250.00
additional characters can be added for $150.00

Pre Convention Commissions
These usually are painted requests, but I could probably accept a few of the other type mentioned above.

Painted commission prices. A one of a kind illustration created per your request.
One character, full color watercolor simple wash background on 8 x10 watercolor board $350.00
One character, full color watercolor, simple wash background on 11x17 watercolor board $ 500.00

One character, full color watercolor with detailed background on 8 x 10 watercolor board $500.00
One character, full color watercolor with detailed background on 11 x 17 watercolor board $1000.00
additional characters added for $350.00

I accept money orders and cash and paypal....

commission requests?
contact jillthompsonstuff@gmail.com

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jill Thompson SDCC schedule and other important info

If you're looking for me at the big ComicCon this week in San Diego- or- if you have generously volunteered some of your time to Booth sit for me while I'm on a panel or doing a signing at a Publishers booth... Here is my current run down. Or, if you have access to one of those palanquins and some strong fellows and want to whisk me thru the con like a fancy princess...
You can find me at my booth #1322. I'll be sitting with Cliff Chiang, Brian Wood, Becky Cloonan, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba! Yes, we have a super awesome table and I'm proud to be sharing with such a talented bunch of creators.
Here's my current schedule-

WEDNESDAY- Preview Nite Booth #1322 sketching, signing, chatting etc.

THURSDAY Booth #1322 til 11:30. Then I rush off to
CBLDF MASTER SESSION room 30CDE where I shall paint and explain how I use watercolor to create my comics. Also painting, the amazing Charles Vess. Two watercolorists, two approaches, two different styles, but- same format-Comics!

FRIDAY 10 am booth #1322, but- I have a meeting there, so I won't be signing and sketching straight away. Thanks for waiting
12 noon-1 Dark Horse Booth #2615 signing and talking about Beasts of Burden. Come see a preview of the art for the series!
EISNER AWARD CEREMONYI'll be there for most of it, as I am nominated for an award (I hope I hope I hope I win!)
But- I'll be dashing across town to the AMANDA PALMER/CBLDF benefit where I shall be drawing quick sketches of Amanda as she performs. It will feel all kind of Toulouse Latrec-ish, I think. The "drawing a beautiful performer and wild, bohemian, entertainmenty" part. Not the "artist drinks heavily to deal with the crowd's ridicule and falls into alcoholism and has to be committed to a sanitorium" part...Also all the art goes to the cause. I'll take pix and tweet the art for all to see.
Hopefully I won't be too late. and I also hope I'll have an award under my arm and a bottle of champagne in my hand to celebrate a win. I'll be the one in the gold silky gown (at least that's my plan) rushing in the door during the middle of things.

SATURDAYall day at booth #1322 until
DC Booth signing from 4-5 pm
dinner with the Fables Crew
SATURDAY NITE much laughing, shop talking, revelry. Please come join me if you see me! Who knows what we'll all be up to.

SUNDAY also DC Booth SIgning from 10:30-11:30 am

When I'm at other booths, I won't be able to take commissioned drawing because I'm only there an hour. All I can accommodate are signatures. So please save all sketch requests for booth 1322.

What will I have available for sale at booth #1322?
Embroidered Patches- Bug-A-Boo, the Boozle, Scary Godmother are $10 each, Scratches and the bats are $5 each. $45.00 US for the whole set.
Magic Trixie Books-cover price
Sandman Painted art-prices vary
black and white line art sketches $100.00 with tone $200.00
Signatures are free. But, please, take all comics and books and prints and whatnot out of their protective packaging before you get up to the head of the line. Then I can sign them quickly and efficiently for you and no tape gets stuck to your comic.

Each day I will take a new list for sketches so new con attendees will have a chance to get on the list. Check with me in the morning to get on the list, and later in the afternoon to see if a spot opened up. Or if someone never came back for their sketch. You'd be suprised how many times I go home with an unclaimed drawing of Death or something.

If I am drawing and my head is down PLEASE do not think I am ignoring you! I'm just drawing! It's the only way I know how to do it- with the looking at the paper and all that... Just start to talk to me- introduce yourself. My witchy face has a tendency to look all serious and stern when I'm looking down and concentrating on my paper. That's just what my perspective does to us oval faces. I am quite approachable. But you have to approach me! Ok? Cool!

Rules and Regs- just for the sake of everyone's books and sketches, PLEASE do not lean on or bump into the table! And, if there is art on the table for viewing- please do not put your books or boxes on them, or your iced coffees.

If I am away from my table, my wonderful Booth Elves will be fielding questions, taking commission requests and selling books. Please feel free to interact with them.

You can follow me on Twitter as I'll be digitally thinking for all to see (perhaps not IN THE EXHIBIT HALL where there is no WI FI-? WTF? that's where we want to tweet from! let's see if AT&T's 3G works in that convention center-don't let me down again AT&T...)Love the li'l Jesus phone so far...

Yeesh- not sure if I've forgotten anything, but I suppose, we'll find out in three days! THREE DAYS!!!It should be crazy, too crowded but quite a blast!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

THESE LOOK GREAT she shouted!

Now I have all of the batches of patches that I will be taking with me to San DIego. YES-there will be some available for those of you that cannot make the trek out to the ginourmous convention.
Here are the prices as so you can save your pennies.
Scary Godmother , the Boozle and BugaBoo are each priced at 10 US dollars.
Scratches and the bats are priced at five US dollars each.
So, if you wanted the whole shebang for your jean jacket,pants pockets, tote bags, back pack or cell phone cases, etc...it would be 45 dollars US total (before shipping and handling of course) I am anxious to test some on my ol' jeans! When I sew some on, I'll post a pic! When you sew some on send the pix to jillthompsonstuff@gmail.com and I'll post yours, too!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Hurray for Patches

The first batch of patches is here! They look so amazing! Scary Godmother and the Boozle are on their way as well. I went for the fancier deal of course- all embroidery on these fellas.
Bug A Boo and Scary Godmother will be 10 US dollars each while the other patches will be 5? U Like? I like!