Tuesday, July 7, 2009

THESE LOOK GREAT she shouted!

Now I have all of the batches of patches that I will be taking with me to San DIego. YES-there will be some available for those of you that cannot make the trek out to the ginourmous convention.
Here are the prices as so you can save your pennies.
Scary Godmother , the Boozle and BugaBoo are each priced at 10 US dollars.
Scratches and the bats are priced at five US dollars each.
So, if you wanted the whole shebang for your jean jacket,pants pockets, tote bags, back pack or cell phone cases, etc...it would be 45 dollars US total (before shipping and handling of course) I am anxious to test some on my ol' jeans! When I sew some on, I'll post a pic! When you sew some on send the pix to jillthompsonstuff@gmail.com and I'll post yours, too!


Lionel Messi said...

Thank you
The subject of more than wonderful

piwackit said...

Can't wait to get 'em!
(nice toes! ;) )

pea said...

ooooooo. WANTS.

Michael C. said...

Yes! Yes! How do we order them!

shu_shu_sleeps said...

They look amazing, and I need some... A Canadian friend who currently lives here in Australia is attending Comic Con and is kindly going to purchase me some sets, and I'm not the only friend she is buying for. So if a friendly Canadian girl with some amazing tattoos rocks up to your stand and starts buying up the patches, you will know she is shopping for a bunch of Australians :)

Ms Porcelain said...

Just bought your books for my niece and my best friend and I were so tempted to keep the magic trixie books for ourselves. Love your work

Mary said...

Hey, Mrs. Jill Thompson. My name's Maria Werneck, and I'm from Brazil. Since I saw your art in Neil Gaiman's work (Sandman, At Death's Door and Dead Boys Dectetives), I must say I am a huge fan of you and your work. To be sincere, I wanna be you when I grow up.
I really would be VERY happy if you see my art. Of course is not so good as you but I'm training since I have 10 years old. Here it is: http://i31.tinypic.com/2elf8ra.jpg
Thanks so much and so sorry for disturb you!
Maria Werneck.

Dreamer93 said...

Those look great! You are such an amazing artist, I really love Scary Godmother. My sister and I love the movies. Our favorite characters are Harry, Bert, and Scary Godmother.