Sunday, January 11, 2009

And it's snowing again!

This is the reason stew was invented...and soup! And it's one of the reasons I want to make bread. And a huge reason that I have a crush on every fireplace I see. Archie was meowing at the backdoor as he is wont to do in the early afternoon (he likes to go for a stroll and stretch his olde legs, even in the snow sometimes...) but this time, the blast of wind and howl of the wind made him turn around and skedaddle for the seat on the radiator! if only it was wide enough for two.

this was during the lull in snow yesterday. I see there are some flakes floating around out there right now! I decided to go for a walk and take some photos this morning before I hunkered down at the drawing table.


piwackit said...

So you know it was like 85 here the last few days right?
Can you send some of that Winter weather our way? ;)

cheryl said...

Wow! Look at those icicles! I told Liamo the other day how icicles can be deadly and he searched my face looking for the joke...waiting for the punchline. I can't believe my child doesn't know about these things! We had sushi and beer for dinner and went swimming today. It was 98 degrees.

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