Saturday, November 29, 2008

Merry Christmas Every One...less

Hey, How about this, WALMART? Every day during the holiday season, each store will reward the most courteous shopper with a cart full of free stuff. You sign up before Thanksgiving, everyone gets a Walmart Card that keeps track of your purchases. Security keeps an eye on everyone and the most polite shopper who is kind and patient and NOT TRAMPLING SOMEONE TO DEATH AND THEN CONTINUING TO SHOP gets all their holiday purchases that day for free!
"Merry Christmas, Bobby," "Mother! Father! It's the best Christmas EVAH! My Nintendo DS does not have blood on it this year!""Well, son, that's what Christmas is all about!"
Wow, do I actually think that the only way we can get anyone to be nice to each other and not kill anyone is to bribe them with a flat screen television?...whoa... I'm going back to bed.


Jim said...

After the 9/11 Twin Towers attack New Yorkers were inviting strangers off the street into their homes in acts charity and humanity uncharacteristic of the reputation New York City had cultivated. "Hmmmm, maybe we had judged too swiftly and harshly" was our collective thought.
But it's inexcusable to BELIEVE it is your right to shop in the face of human tradgedy only feet from, well, your racing, herd trampling feet.
I don't shop Black Friday and thank God that I no longer work a job that requires me to deal with that insanity any more.
Let's grow up people!

Realmcovet said...

I don't friggin blame you.

Andrea said...

I told my 7 year old son on Friday that we weren't going shopping (even for TP!) that day because the crowds were horrible and the drivers were dangerous. How crazy to learn I should have explained that the crowds themselves were the life-threateningly dangerous part.

I haven't had it in me to follow it up to him with, "glad we didn't go shop--someone was killed by people pushing and shoving to do their holiday shopping." I doubt that I will.

Best time of the year for growing cynicism, really.