Monday, October 13, 2008

SCARY GODMOTHER double feature

Hey! Scary Godmother and The Revenge of Jimmy are on back to back on Cartoon Network! The commercials always cut off the dialogue! That's flustering!
And here's some of the art I did while working on the show. This is the spooky punkin patchAnd here are some punkins, before and after Jimmy got through with them. And, of course, his 'decoy' so he could trick monsters...These are Jimmy's plan's for 'outwitting the monsters' because they have such tiny brains! It's from the scene in his room where Daryl, Katie and Bert come in and find all his traps and diversions.Now, I'm not sure if these made it on the screen in any way that you could see them, but they are just some of the many drawings and paintings I did while working on the show. The punkin patch, was of course, a painting for the animators to refer to when they built the 3D models, and perhaps to use when rendering. They were great and used the actual watercolor (somehow) to wrap around the forms.
I've got a few more hidden away somewhere. I guess i should save them for future Autumn posts.
It's a beautiful night for spooky halloween shows--warm, big bright moon, warm wind. I wish I was dressed as a spirit and running down the street with leaves in my hair!


Markie said...

I just happened to be checking Cartoon Network today and saw that the Scary Godmother movies were coming on. I was soooo happy. :] I wait all year to get to see Scary Godmother. It's one of my favorite Halloween things, along with Nightmare Before Christmas. :] I was pretty excited to see it again finally today. I'd been wondering when they'd show it again.

"Jimmy's Drawings" Did make it onto the screen, at least the one of Bug-a-Boo dying from the flash light (that I remember for sure seeing). They were in the scene when he pulls down his window screen. They zoomed in on a few of the plans while he was talking about them. =) But they cut out the drawings of Jimmy and only had Bug-a-boo. ):

Anyway~ I just stumbled across your blog while Googling "Scary Godmother" and felt the urge to comment. =) Take care~

Donna said...

We've watched both on DVD over and over, borrowed from the library but were very happy to catch them on television and record them. My five year old adores them, Jimmy's Revenge is her favorite.

DemonFreeze said...

Hey Jill! :]

I absolutely love Scary Godmother! :]

Since I first saw it in middle school, I've been obsessed with it ever since X]

I've got both Halloween-themed movies on DVD, and was wondering if there'd be anymore...Like "Bloody Valentine"; I'd totally buy it :]


tot said...

Awesome drawings Jill, Bug-a-boo looks so funny in the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill!

I just felt compelled to cruise on by. I was doing housecleaning the other day, with the cartoon network on to keep the dogs quiet (don't know; they seem to like it!) and suddenly this fantabulous 3D mini-movie popped on called Scary Godmother. I just loved it at once, particularly Max and his family! I write about vampires for a living so I'm allowed to love Max! Do you think Ruby will mind? Btw, I'm 35, so as you can see, you can put us big, grumpy grown ups under your spell as well! Take care.

tot said...

Hi Jill, I missed the Scary Godmother movies since i was little :{ then i noticed it is back on Cartoonnetwork on October this year :}.