Sunday, October 19, 2008

Abby Cadabra

I finished Magic Trixie and the Dragon a bit over a week ago ( I am so happy with it! I think I might like it the best! but I always like the one I just finished the best. Until the next one!) and I got all distracted with going to Bouchercon with Brian and preparing for my upcoming trip to London to visit the new baby that I forgot to post more art! So, In honor of the new baby, and all the babies I know, I decided to post a page with Abby Cadabra on it. I love drawing her! Just like Magic Trixie is an amalgam of all of my nieces when they were about 6, Abby Cadabra is a reflection of all that 'tripod baby' stage. Where you put them on the floor and their legs kinda naturaly bow out, and they are a perfect tripod. And they have those two rat teeth on the bottom for scraping apple slices and zwieback. They are a good armful of baby...and they say "BUH" and "KEE!" and "DA!". And they are just starting to be able to giggle and it's the most wonderful true sound you've ever heard. It kinda hiccups out of them! I wish I had that recorded somewhere so when I am sad, I could play it back and it would make me smile!


tot said...

Wow Jill, i love your creation of art from this comic, it looks so dashing!

Rachael said...

That's a wonderful page. I can see the love in it!

I made a map for you of magical places to visit in London. Have fun, and hopefully I'll see you at the signing!


Tara said...

I think blogger, alas, etted my comment. But to repeat... YAYS! And I am taking copies of Magic Trixie and Scary Godmother to my cousin Rhona's kids in London for Hallowe'en, so I shall report back as to how they like them.

tot said...

This is the greatest artworks, you have created in the whole world Jill!!

Juan Manuel said...

I just read Magic trixie to my 5year old and we both loved it!
She especially liked the cloudberry pancakes (you should do a recipe page like used to do on Scary Godmother) and the brooms.
My youngest is 2 and I can see both of my girls in your characters. Please, keep the books coming! The only thing missing are some bats in bowler hats :)

Tara said...

So... update! Kidlets in London LOVED Scary Godmother and Magic Trixie. I am now "Scary Tara" to 2 year old cousin.