Monday, September 1, 2008


Summers flying out the screen door. But warm autumn days and cooler nights are welcome. I just wish the sun was up longer to enjoy those cool nights...good for roasting marshmallows.
We got to see some of our girls. But as usual it was all too brief. Emma and Abby were visiting their Aunt Jenny and they took me down on the awesome beach.Nice view Aunt Jenny's got. No wonder she is a great yoga teacher...the pulse of the world is outside her window. I think We should have a sleepover at her place!

And, Jim and Sue came in to visit with Lucy and Lynne. So of course we went to eat noodles at the famous Club Lago.
and then I think I found an assistant!
And,the mighty hunter waited 18 years to do this.
I feel bad for the bird, but we were all amazed the little wiglet had it in him. And, I checked with the vet and the bird doesn't have any diseases. How nonchalant he is.
And we made some great foodstuffs. But, it's super harvest time and canning and pickling will commence! Those pix after we do some preserving!

The tomatoes, raspberries and thyme came from our garden. I had no luck with radiccio in the spring, so we had to shop for it. And, I'd grow an olive tree if I had the proper climate...which, I think for me might be the South of France. They can grow it all! And they have stone cottages.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you. My cat's idea of celebrating a caught bird is to bring it into the house for me to see. Of course, the birds are never quite dead yet; they're in shock.

As soon as she releases the bird, it starts flying around the living room, crapping all over the place!


Jill Thompson said...

he's never done this before. I think he flailed himself at it like he does to the little white cabbage butterflies and broke it's neck by accident. He's never brought me a 'gift' of the hunt. Especially ones that crap!