Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lovely Morning

It was a perfect day yesterday, for everything, but especially a morning ride by the lake on bicci millefiore! And I still got home in time for lunch and painting. ( I painted a really fun page, too!-problee cuz I was so jazzed from the improvisational nature of my morning!) That's why comics is the best job. You can shift your workday around to take advantage of the wonderfulness that life has to offer. Like the mosaic mural at the Bryn Mawr exit of Lake Shore Drive.
and then I pedaled around the path. Why am I inside the house ever- with this so close?Did you know that there is a wildlife habitat on Montrose Harbor?

I wish I had brought a pickanick basket, BooBoo! And a sunhat. And some raspberry lemonade. It was a good place to laze around and listen to the lake. It was the only thing you could hear. No cars, no sirens, no people...just waves and wind.
I soaked it all in and then I pedaled on. As I made my way toward the actual harbor, a nice lady asked me if she could take my photo.She thought bicci millefiore was adorable and that I should have a picture of me for me. Pretty good.
Then I said hi to the boats. There were a few guys stocking their boats with Corona and fishing poles. There were some fish jumping in the harbor, maybe they had some luck. Or maybe they just put their feet up, let the boat lull them into a half sleep and sipped beer. Either way, it seemed like a good way to spend the day.As I headed north, I zoomed past the Edgewater Apartments (formerly a hotel, back in the day). I wish I could see inside there. I wonder what the apartments look like?
Off the bike path, back into traffic and soon, I was back to the old drawing board. Literally!

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