Saturday, February 2, 2008

More Lukey

When Archie was sick in December (and I suppose Lukey was, too, we just did not know it and he did not show it) Lucien cuddled that guy so much more than he usually did, and they were good cuddlers. One afternoon, Brian found them both in the box nice and warm, but both heads next to each other. (usually they had a lot of yingyang action going on) and saw Lucien put his arm around Archie. I worry about Arch now, because while we love him more than anything, he has no feline friend to cuddle with or clean. And, it's cold dark winter and we are all cooped up in the house.

He was so pleasant and good natured. You could always count on him to follow you wherever you went, to sit on your lap, to watch tv with. He's walk on two legs for a treat. If he was ever mad at me, I never knew. Sometimes he'd be prickly if we were out of town for too long and he did not get his tv time...but, that quickly passed. Mostly you could count on him to chirp at you when you talked to him, to purr when you pet him, to come when you called him, or whistled or clicked your tounge. When he was outside in the sun, I'd ask him"Hey Monkey, (cuz he used his hands lots to pick stuff up or grab things from you), are you hungry? You want some lunch? C'mon!" and he'd get up and trot up the stairs to get fed. I wish I had taken video of him...chasing a grasshopper, or that squirrell that would chatter at him that he'd chase around the yard, or when he was up on two legs grabbing a treat, or when he stole the corn on the cob and ran into Brian's office and was holding it down with both feet and eating it. There was corn flying everywhere. And was he growling. Ha, his kill. If only we had a security camera or some such back then. I'll bet there were some amazing moments that no human got to see.
But he was a sweetie. I miss his unconditional love, his smiley face and his kind eyes. It's a wonderful feeling to know that a being trusts you completely. You felt that from him. Everyone should be able to trust like that. In a perfect world.
Best of all was when we'd all be on the couch, covered in blankets, cuddled up watching a movie or something. And both the fellows liked to curl up on me when I was knitting. I am comfy, I one is interested in the yarn.

I suppose I should drag out the "What's Michael" or "Cat Getting Out of a Bag" by Jeffrey Brown and revel in cat behavior. If you don't have "Cat Getting Out of a Bag" run out right now and do so. It's hi- larious. Well, it was to me.


Miko said...

Everyone SHOULD trust like that. That's beautiful, Jill.

Lukey looked absolutely adorable. I can tell from how he looks back at the camera with his arm around archie, what a nice guy he was. Every cat is unique, and I can see that he was very unique from his sitting demeanor in the last pic. Very trusting and open. And he looked like a cerebral individual in the pic before that.

I loved Jeffrey Brown's cat book. =)

When I was 10 and my cat, Ming died, my mother folded 100 origami cats and 100 origami stars (like the ones I sent you) for her. She said the cats were to keep her company and stars were to light her way journeying from our world to the next.

I will fold some in honor of Lukey. Stay strong Jill, you're my hero.

Anonymous said...

Corn on the cob. That seems unusual.

Chuck Jones devoted a lot of pages of his autobiography to his cat that ate grapefruit. I thought that was delightful, I could just imagine what a funny sight a cat devouring corn would be!

Jill Thompson said...

One day I will draw a page that depicts Lucien eating that corn on the cob. And I'll post it. I pray I do it justice. It should be animated with that corn flying all over...

Anonymous said...

Jones drew the cat wearing the grapefruit peal as a hat. But then again, his cat also unpealed the grapefruit (I think he said someone had to crack its skin for him.)

Love that book. Chuck Jones going around in an all-white suit, trying to effect a Mark Twain look. Wonder if anyone took the bait?