Friday, December 28, 2007

Let me just rest my head here on the desk for a minute...

Boy this month has flown by. I have been pulling really late nights trying to get Magic Trixie #2 done each day. They all look good, but I wish I had my pile of 20 done. Tonight's an early night for's only 10:50. I've had a pretty stressful month on top of work. I hadn't posted about it before now because it was all happening rapid fire...I had two trips to the vet (one emergency) for our kit kats...they are okay now, but it was terrible scary there for a while. We still don't know why Archie's back leg decided to stop moving or drag behind him. And his front legs got all tremory twice. It was horrible. The trip to the vet ruled out all sorts of things but never conclusively diagnosed the cause of the episode. He was on antibiotics to make sure he didn't have toxoplasmosis (he didn't). About a week into his convalescense, his brother Lukey stopped eating. So it was off to the vet with him. He had a bacterial infection which was efficiently destroyed with antibiotics...But my heart was really stressed there for about two weeks. We love those furry fellows and would be lost without them.
I could tell when Archie was feeling better, because he was mad to go outside in the snow. He loves to walk in the yard around the perimeter of the fence when we have nice weather and he continues to meow about it during the more inclement months. It's like he's doing yard time in the pen or something. Lukey on the other hand, enjoys lounging in the sun. Archie does laps and then goes back in the house for a nap. But now that the winter is upon us, he is dismayed each day that he finds snow on the ground, or rain coming down, or ice cold stone. He gets a disgruntled look on his face and looks at me after he sticks his head out the back door. "We still have a few more months of this, Arch, before we get butterfly and grasshopper and catmint weather back..."It doesn't stop him from sauntering down the steps, though.
He hasn't much patience once he finds that there is snow all over the yard and he high tails it back in.

Hmm, let's see, what else have I been doing?
Well, I jammed some Chistmas stuff in during late nights after I finished my pages. I made like Santa's elves and created some gifties for the childrens. I painted seven portrait thingies for our nieces' bedrooms. What? When did you have the time, Miz Broken Arm? Well, usually in between the hours of 2 and 3 in the am. I'd spend an hour each night painting the canvases, then another night drawing their faces, then other nights painting...eventually I got them all done. Here are the Azz girls on Christmas Eve.And here's detail of the Thompson girls. That's a dark violet line, not black....
I also made this for a little pirate guy I know.
It was a good way to use up some old tshirts.
Last week I managed to get rear ended by a taxicab while sitting at a red light. On my way to a doctor's appointment.That was a fun way to spend an evening. I'm still trying to reschedule the missed appointment.
Believe it or not, four days later I got into another accident. This time I backed into a..refrigerated thingie on a truck while parallel parking. It was in my blind spot! I never saw it in my rear or side view mirrors. it was exactly as high as where the rear spoiler used to be on the Scion. Oh, the poor, poor Scion.
It wasn't all woe and hard knocks however, I did manage to get out on WInter Solstice to celebrate Yule at my friends Ron and Kristina's house. We burned the yule logs in the yard and all the guests were suprised by the wonderful band.They played kinda, New Orleans-y, jazzy music. It was great.
Then, lessee. More comics and drawing, andpacking up presents to mail them off and drawing...and finally Christmas.
I think I should save the story of Santa's gifts of the Seven Seas until next post.
Nighty Night!

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