Sunday, November 4, 2007

What I've been working on

So, to answer the question, "JIll, I haven't seen any of your work lately. Have I just missed it or are you working on something?"
I'm working my way through the second of four painted graphic novels that I'm writing and illustrating for Harper Collins. They are called Magic Trixie. It's taking me quite a while, because they are each 94 pages of painted art. Plus, all the design and cover art... Each story revolves around our main character, a little witch girl named Magic Trixie. She lives in a greystone builing with her folks and grandparents and her cousin Tansy. Her mom runs a cafe from the first floor flat. It is called Elixir. Magic Trixie goes to Monstersorri school with her friends Loupie Garou-the wereworlf girl, Stitch Patch-the patchwork boy, the Twins who are vampires and Princess Nefi-a mummy girl. She also has a littl e black kitten named Scratches. He is her best pal. Here is a sample of what the interiors will look like.

It's a bit more daunting that I thought. Mostly because the publisher wants 3 books in house before they are comfortable releasing the first one. It makes sense becaue they want to make sure they will not miss a shipping date. But, on my end that means drawing and painting about 300 pages of art before anyone will see it! Thanks for your patience. I hope you will find it worth the wait.


Alafosca said...

With this preview we WILL find worthy the wait, don't worry!
Keep the good work, sending some virtual coffee to you!

Jill Thompson said...

two sugars, if you please! ;)

Anonymous said...


Where's the line begin for the pages?!?

In the meantime, I'll behave. Somewhat.

TMALO70 said...

It's always worth the wait Jill... Always...