Thursday, November 29, 2007

more to be thankful for

So, all my food pix are out of focus...these are the best ones I have from Thanksgiving Day. Brian was incredible with the braving of the elements (it started snowing on Thanksgiving morning) to man the deep fry station. He not only deep fried two turkeys, he stayed out in the cold to make french fries! We had regular and sweet potato fries. We thought all the kids would go gaga for them. It turns out that we adults were pleased with our frites and the kids mourned the lack of mashed potatoes! Go figure. The turkeys were brined with extra flavors of apples, garlic,and apple cider. That will be a recipe to repeat. I made some mac-n-cheese and some pumpkin sage cornbread. it was potluck for the side dishes really didn't need any Turkey. Anne Marie made some killer applesauce...there was Christine's greenbean casserole, acorn squash, broccoli rabe, stuffing, cranberries, relish tray with some of Brian's garlic pickles...and more. I haven't even mentioned dessert.
We tried to keep it simple, but we had way too much food. Everyone went home with enough for plenty of "Thanksgiving sandwiches", though. Here's a few pix. I wish the others came out.

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